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Rough Day at Work

Monday, July 29, 2013

So, my boss decided we had to do a special project at the end of last week. It was tough, but our small office rallied and came together to complete the following:

1. Leave early Thursday afternoon.

2. Travel with our significant other to the Oregon/Washington border on the Columbia River.
........this would be my significant other (he looks concerned, doesn't he)

3. Check into the Skamania Lodge.

Hmmmmmmmmm.....not bad.

Now What........

4. Get a good night's sleep and be prepared to work very hard the next day.

5. Friday - Wake up and have breakfast. Will need to be fueled up today.

6. Meet up with the co-workers and move out to the first mission:


7. Yes.....get on the horse and ride:

That is my horse, Misty. Sharing a drink with her buddy. She was slightly fiesty, but not bad. She jumped one of the creeks we crossed and she really liked to tailgate the horse in front of her. She was great about avoiding branches though. Here's Mr. W, looking like a pro ( he on his cell phone? He is so naughty):

....on the dusty trail:

...and through the forest

Oh yes...and we can't forget the fearless dog, Oreo:

8. riding. Check!

9. Now we were requested to tootle down the road a bit further, fuel up again with lunch, and do our next duty.

Any ideas? Can you tell from the work attire what the next task we were to perform was?

One of the others requested hazard pay but was turned down:

Darn....OK, if we have to:

(my fearless co-worker, Greg)

Oh yes....and the boss in his work suit:

Here we go:

These crazy people kept following us....oh, wait! That's the other half of the crew:

Went over several class IV rapids:

Jumped off a perfectly good 20 foot cliff part ways through:

Then continued on to Husum Falls (CLASS V):

(the boss)

(the boss high five paddling afterwards)

The rest of the crew about to go over:

Me and Mr. W were injured (strained neck and ankle from last weekend), so we didn't do the falls, but we did the rest.

Here's a youtube video. We were in part of it:

So.....then, we were required to go back to the lodge and dress for dinner. It was hard work, but someone had to do it. Buffet of everything under the sun....salmon, oysters, caviar, prime rib, salads, side dishes galore and, of course, the dessert area (I did not stay on track food-wise tonight....oops)

Relaxed outside with the beautiful view of the Columbia River afterwards:

They have a firepit for people to make smores:

After all that, everyone hit the hay. The next day, almost everyone went on their way; however, me and "co-worker M" decided we were going to take one for the team and work a little more. We're dedicated like that. Me and Mr. W challenged M and his lovely wife B to a round of golf on the grounds. We played best ball. They were fierce competitors. Just look at those game faces:

Me and Mr. W were not intimidated though and weren't going to let them shake us:

In the end, M & B won, but we gave them a run for the money.

As a side note, this is a super fun course to play if you like the fareways to imitate triangles. They are nice and open from the tee and narrow down to a pinpoint at the flag. Sort of enough to make you say "shucks" (I stole that line for a former co-worker):

The turtles were doing their turtley thing on one water hole:

Mr. W and I stayed an extra night and checked out the Bonneville dam and fish hatchery:

(huge rainbow trout)

We drove back along the Columbia River through what looks like a mini grand canyon:

We stopped for a minor burger (I know...really bad eating day again). The burgers are so big that they have the buns specially made to fit them:


Got home about 5pm Sunday and called it a day.

Tough work but, being the team player that I am, I'm ready to take it on again if requested.
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