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Monday, July 29, 2013

I have had several people lately ask me how I lost the weight and am keeping it off. As I was thinking about this I realized that the one thing now that I can't eat so many things and only fresh or natural foods. I can't eat packaged (unless it's organic and no ingredients I don't understand). I realize that I don't have cravings anymore. I don't crave pizza, beer, cakes, cookies, crackers, chips, etc. I got to thinking about this and I truly visualize my body eating the nutritional foods and the foods satisfying my body so my body isn't looking for more or something that is not good for me. I know how hard it can be to get off of junk, processed foods but once they are out of your system you really don't crave them anymore. I think it's because your body recognizes that it has been properly fueled and has been given the proper vitamins and nutrients to energize it. And in the past when I would splurge on something not good for me I remember not being as satisfied and wanting more and more. I believe it's because your body is looking for you to feed it good foods that fuel your body.

Anyway, for anyone struggling I highly recommend cutting out all junk, and processed foods. Go cold turkey and get them out of your system. Like me you will start wanting more fruits and veggies...I eat them as snacks all the time. Love roasted veggies! I accidentally burned some carrots the other day when I was cooking them and they turned crispy and brown/black. They actually tasted wonderful and I am snacking on them.

Hope all my sparks buddies are doing great.
Have a wonderful Day.
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    I love grilled veggies too and DH is happy to do it for me
    1754 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Sallie I love this advice:

    "Anyway, for anyone struggling I highly recommend cutting out all junk, and processed foods."

    It really is the secret to becoming healthy!
    1763 days ago
    Sweet potatoes taste great that way too!! And they are even sweeter too when they are "burnt"
    1763 days ago
    Your blog makes perfect since. I guess I always felt it is all in moderation but maybe that is not the correct way to think. There are certain foods I have given up but not everything I should. I will have to work on it. Thanks for your post. I need all the ideas as well as encouragement that I can get.
    1763 days ago
    "I highly recommend cutting out all junk, and processed foods. Go cold turkey and get them out of your system. Like me you will start wanting more fruits and veggies..."

    I agree with the end result, but cold turkey isn't for everyone. I cut the junk gradually, as eating to the calorie, carb, fat, and protein ranges forced me to do that in order to feel satisfied. And it took me about a year to get used to buying fresh produce instead of only stuff with a long shelf life.

    But the effect is ultimately the same. I haven't given up on candy entirely, and have some almost every day; but some evenings I find myself bypassing the candy in favor of an extra apple or orange.
    1763 days ago
    Sallie I totally agree People look at me and ask how I do it. I simply say I eat real food. If it says lo calorie, low fat, no sugar artificial sweetener I do not eat. No processed foods...if I read a label and I cannot pronance it, my system cannot digest the list.
    1763 days ago
    My dear, you are 100% right! It's difficult as heck to go cold turkey, especially the first few days, but as the "junk" clears out of your system, your taste buds change and you DO desire more of the healthy choices!

    I gave up processed foods, sugar and salt. By far the most difficult thing to give up was the salt. But now, it's just habit not to eat 'em.

    Good luck to you as you continue on. HUGS and thanks for sharing this.

    1763 days ago
    I've got to try some roasted carrots, Sallie - thanks for the idea! It's not all that hard to keep weight off with a program like yours...and a person really does get to crave and think about eating healthy food, too, over time. I've found it to be a gradual - but foolproof process. Thanks for such a thoughtful blog entry! You've helped a lot of people here :)
    1763 days ago
    you are so right so much of the stuff we put in our bodies is plain junk. I try not to eat it either. I have not had sugar in so long that my blueberries almost tasted to sweet today lol
    1763 days ago
  • LIS193
    You are so right! Processed ""food" and for me especially wheat are very hazardous to the waist line. We eat mostly fresh fruit and veggies and lean protein, little potatoes and rice or quinoa.
    our bodies tell us what they like :)
    1763 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Very true. Our bodies are very smart that way. We are always hungry if we are not feeding it properly. Sounds simple enough doesn't it. It would be nice if more people just gave it a chance to work. Have a great week Sallie! I am ready to make it a great week : )!
    1763 days ago
    I'm going to try eating the way you do!!! You look great in the pictures from yesterday!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1763 days ago
    good advice
    1763 days ago
    I love roasted veggies
    1763 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I lost rid myself of all my weight by doing exactly what you said, Sallie! Kill as many processed foods as possible, eat fresh veggies & fruits, eat good lean protein, and always drink my daily 64oz of H2O! Add my cardio and strength training just keeps me on the right path in the journey. I love your blog and know you embrace your lifestyle 24/7!

    1763 days ago
    1763 days ago
    Great blog and very true. So glad you are back on the road to great health. Enjoy your week.
    1763 days ago
    I really enjoyed your blog, I have been noticing that the fresh vegetables have been tasting better but I hadn't connected the fact that I have stopped a lot of the processed foods. emoticon I'll have to try the burnt carrots.
    1763 days ago
    Thank you much for sharing ... I plan to read this sentiment over and over ...

    I remember not being as satisfied and wanting MORE and MORE. I believe it's because your body is looking for you to feed it good foods that fuel your body.

    Day 7!!

    1763 days ago
    Yep! I find the same thing Sallie, my pallet and likes are all leaning towards good fuel and not the rubbish that used to inhabit my cupboards and fridge for a brief moment before being devoured with relish.
    Now I know when I'm full instead of cramming every last crumb in.

    1763 days ago
  • KLONG8
    You're right on the money here, Sallie. I haven't given all that stuff up yet and it still causes the struggle between emoticon and emoticon all the time. The other day I ate a large chocolate chip cookie (oh, God, they are a battle for me) that my DH had brought home. It was delicious but it immediately triggered the "I want more and I know there's one more in that bag" response. I managed to distract myself but that's a hard battle to win with frequency!

    So...what you're doing works (you are proof as are so many of our SP friends). You just have to be ready to go cold turkey. I'm not quite there.....but it's so apparent.
    1763 days ago
    I love "burnt" carrots, too! Yes, I totally agree with your analysis. Healthy food satisfy; empty foods cause cravings. Due to convenience, my hubby's grocery shopping, and my family's tastes, I haven't done as well as you at eliminating all processed foods, but I am getting better! Thanks for clearly stating what I know to be true!! -Marsha
    1763 days ago
    I learned this when I first started Spark several years ago. I rarely have sugar cravings anymore and when I do, I'm usually satisfied with watermelon or pineapple. I don't even eat pizza like I used to. Hope you have a great week Sallie!
    1763 days ago
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