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Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrate and Dance to the Music.....I have music playing in my head this am..

REjoice with those who rejoice and Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord...
Thank you God, the scale gave me good news today...... 189.4 I am rejoicing!!!!
Now I should really go Whoop it up and walk around that reservoir before that rain comes down, still threatening, but no go..

And Buddy and I did a 2 lap walk this am. Talked to one older man who does 4 laps a day, and another couple of younger (maybe) women and they said they're starting at 3 laps, and I told them I've gotten up to 3 laps... But, I shared my water bottle tip with them and showed them my muscles. When I got home, I'd missed a call. Didn't recognize the number but called it and said I had a call from that number. Here it was Lillian from book club to see if I wanted to go to the Senior Tea, so we went a little later, got the last parking spot and all but the last seats.

What a wonderful afternoon! I figured since I wasn't driving, I had lots of time to kit so I started a sweater, cast on the 106 stitches cuz then I could talk and knit. I got about 5 inches knitted on a Sz. 6 sweater while I was the passenger (for a nice change) and enjoyed the show. A lady came in and took the last seat beside me and we spoke a few times. They had the Ukelehle Players, playing and singing really old songs... must have been 12-16 of them. It was awesome. Then they stopped for tea, they passed a small plate with 3 sandwiches and 2 sweets on each one. With trading, I ended up with 2 date squares and something called a pork pie. They're a little pastry with dates and maple icing. Hadn't had one since my grandmother used to make them.... Took them home, and had 1/2 of the tart and a whole date square.... my treat..... But, before I went I had a bowl of the leftover goulash and a big plate of Greek Salad so I wouldn't be hungry.... But anyway, got to talking to the lady during tea and shared with her the Leslie Crewe book and found out she was the mom of 2 kids I went to school with, one a yr. older and one a yr. younger. So, was that ever cool, she was 85. Didn't know my mom was still alive... So I called my mom to say Hi but she was out with her great and great great granddaughters...talked to my sis.

Rain is still threatening here, spitting a little, so, what do you think - should I go walking to make up for those pastries... hmmmm. or read and try to catch up, the library just called with another book in for me. Going to take some heavy duty reading sessions to catch up. I shared your nurse/purse story with the ladies. Her dh is same can't be bothered to go anywhere, so I told her to call me anytime... There were actually 3 people there from my book club. She had her SIL with her, she's 89 and quite agile, she was also a war bride. You would have laughed to see me and her other niece trying to get out of the back seat of her 2-dr car.... Thought I was stuck in there for a minute!!!

Thank you again to everyone who stops by to read my blogs and encourage me and support... every little bit helps... back at ya!

P.S., did you notice I posted my new pic yesterday - lady with a red dress on!!!
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