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A Successful Luncheon

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's 3:30pm, and the company has left!

I made it through the large luncheon - and through the day -- without exceeding the upper limit on my calories.

I am very full, and will not be eating anything else for rest of the day.

I cooked chicken thighs and Italian sausage.
I bought salads that were heavy duty: potato salad and macaroni salad.
I bought lighter weight vegetable salads too: beet salad, artichoke salad, cucumber salad, asparagus.
My friend brought a bean salad.

I ate some of the chicken and sausage, the bean salad and the lighter weight salads.

I had a piece of the banana cream pie for dessert.

I did not eat any of the bread, the potato salad, or the macaroni salad.

We have lots of the good food left over for future meals in the days ahead.

I enjoyed the day - spent time with my company - and ate my fill.
There was no overeating - and there was no feeling of deprivation.
It was a success!

And here's something I did to prevent problems tomorrow: I sent the leftover banana cream pie home with my friends. I'm feeling very happy about that -- it was a smart move.

What did I do differently this time compared to previous times?

I kept track of everything I ate -- all day long.
I did nibble while I was cooking - but I kept track of that too.
I purposely avoided the higher calorie salads and bread.
I planned enough calories ahead to have one piece of banana cream pie.

In earlier years, I would have kept that leftover pie - and eaten more of it this evening.
I also would probably have eaten some of the other leftovers later in the night. That will not happen this evening. I ate a whole day's worth of food for lunch - and that will be all I eat today.

Was this difficult to do today? Not at all!


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