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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey everyone I made it.. wish I could say I did the 50.miler.. .. and it is not because I was physically unable.. it's because "ANITA CANNOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS".. LOL.. so the we are all lined up ready to go.. I am listening to the guy give instructions over the PA. 50 milers follow blue line 30 miles follow green line.. Ok I got this but at the same time I was fooling around with my computer setting it to the cadence mode.. so gun goes off all the speedsters ride out.. I am in the middle of the pack doing good.. feeling it.. made the first turn at the intersection ton of cops (oh and got a story about that too) lights and people.. I was with a pack of people they I am following them good size hill made it up ok.. but others were gone.. then I am riding and I realize I am alone.. ok no biggie.. 2nd huge hill then comes up behind me is a group of woman who ride with this other bike shop that is local. and I know the owner and she says.. "Anita I thought you where doing the 50 I said I am.. she said your on the 30 miler course you where suppose to turn back at that intersection.. what an idiot I was..... but I thought there was no way I was going to catch up so I joined in on with them and rode the 30.. which was great.. I did challenge my self a lot.. there where so many hills.. I mean more then what I ride around my area. but my cadence was high about 85 16mph I felt good and was kicking it.. I ended up leaving that group because they where a new riders and this was their first long ride event I did not want to hold my self back so I did end up speeding off. my time was 2:15.. after I crossed the finish line I told the directors and they changed me to the 30.. but all in all I had fun, I finished and I felt great.. and I could not of done any of it with out all the encouragement from my spark friends and my team of Make it Happen..

Ok speaking of cops.. funny thing happen on the way to the race.. my husband and I where driving into the village about 7:30 am on the way to the event.. nice sunny morning and bam there was a police car behind.. pulls us over.. ugh.. we are in a small town village.. and I am thinking this is bad.. but he was nice he promptly told us that he was doing a 43 in a 30.. opps.. but asked if we where going to the event, and said he would let us go.. and to ride fast in the event.. LOL..
well he was the same police officer who waved me through the intersection when I was going straight when I should of turned.. LOL.. so next year I will be ready for that turn..

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