CAMO Outfits!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ok. My BLC22 CAMO team has special ops for this week... Find 4 outfits that make you look good or you feel good in... So, here is what I found.

Today's tennis outfit. Good thing I took these pictures AFTER I played my match. I thought I looked so cute in this outfit, but the pictures, not so great. This one was the best. White tops are not good for photos!

80's loooonnngg jacket! Okay. A story about this jacket. (Yes, and normally I would wear a cammie under it and a skirt! Just getting some quick pictures!) SO, I bought this jacket in a boutique when I was living in Melbourne, Australia in 1982! I spent way more for it than anything I had ever bought before - but looking back it was probably not that expensive, I just was so poor back then!) It is such an awesome color on me and was fitted so well so I have kept it all these years. My goal is to be able to wear it this fall comfortably! Right now it is too tight to wear. I am really sucking it in to take the picture and you can see it is still pulling a bit across my breasts (and it is tight n the waist). But I am determined to wear it again! Oh, and forgive my wet stringy hair! Just out of the shower!

Pool Party Outfit. OK. This outfit I wore recently to a pool party. I thought I looked good in it. Ooops! A picture is worth a thousand words! Whites shorts... what was I thinking?! I do have my sexy black one-piece on underneath... but shorts and top... not as good as I thought. Is it just the pictures?

Sexy dress. Now. This dress. I usually feel so sexy in it! I look at these pictures and this dress makes me look fatter! Yikes! I usually look good in black, but I guess black and white, not so much!

What this exercise has done for me is remind me that I really DO need to lose these last 10 lbs. There is no ifs ands or butts! about it! It's time to start feeling comfortable in my clothes!

My apologies to those with lots more to lose. I know my complaints can seem trivial. But for me, I want to be healthy and fit and I am not feeling that right now. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels... Am I right?!

Let's do this! 5 weeks to go!
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