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Weirdest phone call of my life

Friday, July 26, 2013

I just had the *funniest*strangest*weirdest*m
ost hilarious* phone call of my life.

So, I get a voicemail from my brother today
"Whats girly. Its 4:20, this is J Mills. Just checkin' up on ya. See how your day is. Did ya google me yet. My number is ####. Hit me up, ight? See ya."

I didn't immediately call him back because (VERY long story short) I hardly know my siblings. About an hour later he text'd me
"Wat up! U workin tonite? This is J Mills :)" (I said I wasn't, I had off) "Nice, can I call u?"

Then he called.

We chit chatted for a bit. About the weather, and working hard, what crafts I've been up to lately, how women like to sleep a lot. Etc. Then he says "so, 814, whats that?".
E: "my area code?"
J: "Yea, wheres that at?"
E: "Erie, PA area"
J: "No kidding!!! I have a sister up there, near ****(myhometown's name)"
E: "Haha. Well, I used to live there, but I moved to ***(my current towns name) a few years back."
J: "REALLY?! You lived in (hometown) too?! My sister Emily lives there!"
E: "J.....this IS your sister"

*Awkward silence ensued.*

J: "Ohhh hey, yea, uh, hows married life"
And I ended the conversation shortly after.

I assume he's drinking again and was going through his phone trying to pick up girls. Wondered who this Emily was he didn't remember. Dumbazz should make sure to put my last name in next time.

HAHA, JUST as I wrote that last sentence, I got this text:
"I met a girl named Emily and put her # next to urs. Haha I'm dumb! Good to chat wit ya SIS, love ya & hav a good weekend :)"

Weirdest moment ever.
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