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Happiness Experiment: Day 10 (of 21)

Friday, July 26, 2013


1. This morning I was walking in to my meeting, which was taking place at the Indiana Memorial Union (on the Indiana University campus) and I looked up and saw this and immediately had to take a picture:

I started looking around more and was amazed. And I realized that my very first gratitude today is that I am privileged to work in such a beautiful place.

People don't get to see this EVERY day when they go to work! I am LUCKY to have such lovely scenery and, after awhile, it's easy to take for granted.

Seriously...how do I just get used to this? It's like heaven for an architecture-lover too!


2. I'm thankful that it's Friday. I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Mr. T is bringing his kids down and I have my kids tomorrow. We are going to take them to the public pool that has 3 water slides and a diving well. They are going to have a blast! My kids are thrilled to meet them...and they are counting down the hours! Haha.

3. I am thankful for plenty of work to do to keep me busy during the day. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I suppose the alternative is not having enough work, which is not only boring, but it would make my position somewhat obsolete after awhile. And, well, we just can't have that. Busy days = greater job security! And that is, ultimately, a good thing.


I've been thinking about how "good" my kids have been the past few days and the thought occurred to me that maybe it's not necessarily that they are being any more "good", but that my response is changing. I think it might be due, at least in part, to this happiness experiment! I have just found that when they do things that would normally have set me off to yelling or anger, I have been better able to control my inner thoughts and get a reign on my temper before it spills out of my mouth. And I've been better able to verbalize everything to the kids.

For example, the two youngest will start fighting and hitting.

ME: *Get upset and scream at them, just praying they will stop fighting.*
*Fighting gets worse, to the point that I'm in tears.*

ME: *GASP* "Guys! What are you doing?! WHY would you do that to each other? Haven't we been having a great night so far? Didn't we do....(list all fun things and funny jokes we have told, etc.) just an hour ago?"

**They stop to think.**

ME: (In a very, very animated voice) "I think...and stop me if you think I'm wrong...but I think it would be WAY cooler if we did NOT hit each other and get all upset. What if we actually just were nice to each other so THEN we could have a REALLLLLY awesome night? Wouldn't that be more fun? Hey, I think that would be so great! Let's DO that!!!! Want to?"

By the time I finish talking, they have already tuned me out and forgotten that they were fighting. LOL.

This approach is taking extra effort and vocal energy from me. But, for the love of it...it's somehow miraculously working!! HA!


Nothing today. Boo.


It's been a mellow afternoon, so I've had a lot of thoughts (as referenced in this blog). Lol.


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