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Friday from hell.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Before I describe my Friday, I want to say this.....my sister smoked heavily for +-35 yrs.
She took 6 years before being able to say she no longer is a smoker. The realization came when she was involved in an armed robbery at her work and she was stuffed into a walk in vault...alone and in the dark. When she was released, she was offered a cigarette and her automatic response was "I don't smoke".....on hearing herself she burst into tears at the realization that she NO LONGER WAS A SMOKER, because under that extreme situation she That being explained....after today I AM NO LONGER AN EMOTIONAL EATER...and this is why.

Absolutely everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong for me today. t began with an sms late last night from Rico to cancel boot camp due to a stomach bug. I had missed Wed and Thurs myself for the same reason, so although I was disappointed, I fully understood that he could not be parted from a nearby toilet under those circumstances. This meant I got to sleep in till 7am which was so indulgent and fabulous. Thing is, last night dh informed me that he was going to a breakfast with the technical staff and needed to be there at 8am.
I then made arrangements to go for coffee and breakfast with a friend because Friday is my play day. My alarm went off at 7am and I tried to wake hubby up but he wouldn't stir. I shook and shook and then he got mad at me?!?! Oh well, I'm shrugging my shoulders here because he did tell me he needed to be up early so what else was I to do?! I went through to the kitchen, got everything needed doing done, including feeding our dogs and still ended up having to chase hubby on because we are a one car family since our other vehicle burned out. I also had to get dh to his breakfast and then meet my friend too before she started work so I was kind of on a deadline also.
In the end, because he was going so super slow, we decide that he would drop me off and take the vehicle and when he was done, he would fetch me. Okay so far.
I end up having breakfast with my friend and she is in the mother of all whining moods. emoticon
She has problems, I know that, but ugh did we have to spend the entire hour just talking about the problems? Seriously, not one pleasantry was shared...just negativity for the entire time we were together. Shoo made me wish I hadn't widened out, and rather just taken my dear old sister who is also my best friend.

Next, I contacted hubby to find out where he was since he had not fetched me, as it turned out, he had locked himself out of the internet banking and needed to first go to the bank to sort out the problem before he could fetch me. Well, I was at the mall, so no problem I would just window shop till he was ready and then expected him to call me to find where I was.
I shopped till there was NOTHING left to see.....and still heard nothing from dh? I called him and oops he forgot me. REALLY? He made new arrangements to fetch me in an hour because he was dealing with an irate corporate client. I understood the problem....so I just sat in the sun. I didn't have a book to read, I didn't have a note book to jot ideas down....I just sat and enjoyed the warm winter sun for an hour and a half. At that point I was getting hungry so I called dh AGAIN. Ooops he forgot all about me again. THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.
He finally fetched me with apologies and asked me to drop him at work and take the car for the rest of the day. Okay. I dropped him and he asked me in parting what I would be doing from there. I explained that I was going to get something for dinner tonight and buy 20kgs of dog pellets. We parted and off I went.
I shopped, I got to the till and my card was declined? What the heck was happening?
I ask the store manager to keep my goods packed and I would go and sort the problem out.
I did not feel like starting the shopping experience all over again.
I went to one side and called dh again, and I hate bugging him at work, I truly do. Turns out, he didn't go to the bank......drat! drat! drat! Fortunately I had my sons cash on me and was able to pay for my goods and since I wont see him till Sunday, I can get the banking issue sorted out.

The last call I had to do was stop at a dealer for dh to collect some computer stuff and it wasn't ready. I called dh one last time and he answered the phone with such irritation....hey pal.....I'm helping you and your company out so don't be so horrid to me....and my usually polite husband promptly hung up on me. What the heck? My hackles were totally up....but I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he usually is polite, but it didn't stop the fact that I felt my blood pressure go from 0-100 in seconds. emoticon

By now of course it was LONG PAST lunch and I was hungry. Fortunately for me I had bought strawberries and smoked chicken, so at least my snack was healthy. I also bought a 750ml of water so I was full after that. I finally got home and some inconsiderate jerk had parked across my driveway so I could not get into my own property. I had no idea where the person was doing his delivery. I had to knock on 3 neighbors doors before I found the ignoramus that parked so stupidly and got him to move his delivery vehicle.

I finally got inside my home and started packing away my groceries. As I picked up a large packet of bone meal (for my dogs) the packet splits and it landed all over the floor. emoticon
The dogs did lick it up but the floor still needed washing because that fatty meat extract would leave the floor slippery and would attract flies. Sigh double work since I already cleaned the floors late last night in anticipation of my play day.

I give up. I am now blogging all about the rubbish day so far. Its 3.15pm so I am hoping the rest of the day takes an upturn. But till it does, I may just hibernate in front of the tv with my salad for safety.

But the good news is, through all of this rubbish day, I never once turned to food in comfort. Therefore.....I AM NO LONGER AN EMOTIONAL EATER.

So all the 6-7 yrs I have been on sparks have not been for nothing. I may not be at my goal weight yet, but I have learned many things along the way including how not to turn to food when in a bad frame of mind. For that I am seriously so happy.
So just in case you didn't know......
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