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Friday, July 26, 2013

Last summer I made sure I wore my tightest pair of jeans at least once a week. Summer clothing just encourages eating, it seems, because it's so dang comfortable!

I don't want to do that this summer, because it sort of smacks of punishment to me. It isn't, of course - well fitting clothes are definitely a gift. But I want to fit in my clothes because I'm concentrating on healthy choices, not because I'm uncomfortable in clothing that is unsuited to the weather.

For any men reading, the next part might be TMI: I am also struggling this summer - not because I stopped exercising or started binging, but because I suspect I'm in end-stage perimenopause. The problem is who knows how long I'll be in it?

I think TOM is finally winding down, after 3 weeks. Yup, you read that right. At first it seemed like my normal, short, light TOM. And then there was spotting for the next couple of weeks. And then the floodgates opened up. And now it seems to be dwindling again (thank God!).

Before that it had been AWOL for 2 1/2 months. I've since read that when that happens, the lining continues to build up & then you get the never-ending TOM I just experienced. Not fun.

The worst part is it really seems to be playing havoc with my weight & I'm not real comfortable with where my weight is right now - and it's been kind of a roller coaster, going up, up, up, then plunging down, only to start climbing again.

My only defense is to make healthy choices & that's what I'm concentrating on. In the end they will pay off. Rides always come to an end. Some year!

If you want to share your peri menopausal or menopause tales & strategies, I'm all ears. I know I seem to go on & on about it, but it goes on & on!

And a shout out to one of my USAFit coaches, who's doing his first Ironman this weekend. Crazy!
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  • PCOH051610
    I'm at the very beginnings of perimenopause and am just getting the hot flashes. Ugh! Good idea about trying your skinny jeans on throughout the summer.
    1763 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I'm in peri-menopause too. Just recently had 4 months no period which was fantastic and then wham, 3 weeks just like you. The hot flashes are less when I'm eating clean. I take iron plus calcium every day to help with anemia. Some yoga poses help too.
    1765 days ago
    I've found that my peri symptoms are less when I exercise. My doctor said it was not possible for me to experience hot flashes, etc., since I am on birth control, but she knows not what she speaks. Even on birth control my periods are not regular. I'm 40 so I don't know how bad it will get. Every other woman in my family has had hysterectomies so I don't know what the normal age for menopause is for our family. It is a wait and see and deal with the ride as best I can. Definitely will look into bioidentical hormones in a year or two if it gets worse.
    1766 days ago
    I guess I'm lucky that TOM just dwindled down to nothing. It went away for 11 months and had one single spot...booo....have to start counting the year all over again. At 4 months now. Oddly no hot flashes but I do have a sudden 10 pounds that won't go away....not pretty.
    1766 days ago
    Sorry I can't help. Surgical menopause for me many years ago. But I can tell you that trying The Plan diet has helped the hot flashes I started experiencing last year when I went off hormone replacement therapy.
    1766 days ago
    Thank God I'm over it! I feel for you and I can guarantee you that it will end.....in its own time......As I think back - I woke up one day and remembered that I hadn't seen 'it' for months and months.....Yay!

    I sleep on a chili pad.....so awesome but a little pricey.
    Here is the link - they don't have an option to add a link:


    I ordered the single size and have it on my side of the king bed.

    Best of luck!
    1766 days ago
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