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My Journey to Wellness is not Complete

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It was a little over two years ago that I joined the Spark, but I didn't really get involved with it until last year in April. That was the same time I rediscovered Atkins. I thought it was a godsend. Little did I know, on my way to thinness, I was headed for trouble. However, I celebrated each passing week as the pounds melted off. 2, 3, 4 pounds per weeks. I was quickly developing a new body. Most of my health numbers were doing great. Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, etc. I even seemed to get over my diabetes. Then, in August, at the recommendation of a neurosurgeon, I joined a gym. Had great success with that, getting in about two or three times per week. My legs were getting stronger, and meanwhile, the weight was still coming off. By the latter part of the year, I had lost 55 lbs, and felt a lot better. However, around November, I began to lose some of my motivation. I started gradually and almost uncontrollably adding carbs to my diet. The weight loss really slowed to a crawl. I also started to have a very hard time getting into the gym. By January, I was about through with working out, and in March, learned of new extensive blockage in my arteries. I had had a cardiac catheterization, and found I needed two stents placed in my front coronary artery. It wasn't until months later, with weight loss stalled and I was even gaining, that my new cardiologist convinced me, through his own observations of people who had been on Atkins, to go off of the high fat, high meat diet.

For while, I was interested in the Mediterranean diet. I liked the food, enjoyed how you could drink and benefit from the wine you could have on it, and just felt it was the healthiest diet ever. While adjusting to the new diet, my weight continued to creep up, until I had gained back 30 lbs. Then, kind of thinking this was not going to be a permanent eating change for me, I heard the women on Spark radio talking about how one of them had lost 65 pounds and kept it off merely by eating only when she was hungry, then eating not until she was full, but only till satisfied. She also exercised. This was not a diet plan, but it was for her, a valid weight loss and maintenance plan.

This became the new plan I have adopted. I'm still getting used to it. My weight gain has stopped, but not gone down yet. I'm gradually learning to be conscious of the difference real hunger, and emotional hunger. Then, the one other thing I started last week, was I rejoined my gym. My plan is to go in two days per week for strength training. Then I will be walking at home for ten minutes per day, 7 days per week. The added exercise may help start the weight coming down slowly. I don't really know if this new approach to my wellness will work, but so far it's about the best plan I can figure out for me at this point in time.
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  • NHES220
    Walking is good and you may start with 10 minutes a day, but I would encourage you to increase the time when you are able. The research shows that the key to lowering your blood pressure, your cholesterol and your risk of diabetes (I know you do have diabetes) is 10,000 steps a day. I have started doing this and I have a seen a decrease in my blood pressure with a goal of getting off my blood pressure medication.
    1721 days ago
  • ELMA1913
    I am glad you are off Atkins too! I'm also glad that you have not given up. I like the idea about eating only when I am hungry, but also know that as a diabetic I need to eat small meals several times a day. However, I can choose to make healthy choices when I do eat those small meals.
    1725 days ago
    I am so glad you are off Atkins. The high saturated fats certainly weren't good for your heart and arteries. The gym will help you lose weight but your eating is about 800% of what happens for weightloss. Keep eating instinctively as you are. Start counting your calories daily with the Spark tracker and stay within the recommended range they give you. If you don't eat enough calories in that range daily, again you won't lose because your body needs a certain number to just maintain. Keep up your great work. I know you can do this. Hope the gym is fun for you and that you will keep it up. Good for your heart too.

    1728 days ago
    I can't help but feel, because of your not losing weight, at this time. That even eating when you are hungry may be ok in itself. But it still stems on "what" you are eating.

    Exercise goes hand in hand with whatever plan you take on. You cannot achieve a goal without both.

    I am not on any particular plan, I just eliminated certain foods from my daily and I have adapted to doing without. After I reach goal and maintenance I will introduce certain foods back into my plan and see how I fare. But one of them will never be sugar, in any form including sugar free products. I still to this day feel this was my nemesis.

    I am 4 months + into my new lifestyle, still going strong and the best thing yet? Still no cravings. One must just rid themselves of all the triggers.
    1728 days ago
    I think the most important thing you have brought up (whether intentional or not) is that you have not given up and you are still striving to find the right eating plan for you! Many others would have just thrown in the towel, especially with some of the issues you have dealt with. Kudos for hanging in there! I'm here to support you in any way I can!

    1728 days ago
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