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Fasting? Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I was researching new and effective ways to lose weight quickly and I stubbed upon a website that explained the benefits of fasting. it said that some people lost 20 lbs. or more from fasting and I of coarse was intrigued. I dug deeper into this miracle weight loss technique an I found some mixed reviews on the subject. on one hand people say that it helps your body detox and also helps your digestive system. But on the other hand people say it is the beginning signs of anorexia and can harm your body. I just want to know the truth, so if anyone knows anything or has even tried fasting I would really like to hear what you have to say. thank you.
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    don't do it. fasting will completely mess up your metabolism! Fad diets are rarely any good. Juice detox diets are bad too. No scientific evidence for any benefit, and can actually hurt you. Count your calories and do your exercises and the pounds will come off. Losing weight too fast isn't good for you, anyway.
    2128 days ago
  • RENATA144
    When you fast for too long your body goes into starvation mode & refuses to let you lose weight as it holds on to all of your fat & calories to protect you from dying.
    The proper way to lose weight is to eat some protein ,fruit & veggies & exercise. You can measure & weigh your food to follow portion sizes that are written on packaged food or on Sparkpoints.
    The best food to eat in on the perimeter of the supermarket : fruit, veggies, dairy, meat. The aisles have processed foods which are not as healthy to eat. Canned foods are dead. You ave to eat fresh / living foods to stay alive & healthy.

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    2128 days ago
    Another question is: on the days you are fasting, do you still have enough energy to get in a good workout? While the concept is definitely appealing to me, since I appear to be stalled, I worry about getting out of my routine. It took me a long time to start to keep these good habits day in and day out.
    2128 days ago
    I think it is a mixed bag. I just completed a. Low calorie diet (LCD) where I kept my calorie intake to 1200-1400 (low!) for three weeks. I lost fourteen pounds fast. But, I spent a lot of that time figuring out how I was going to sustain that loss. Fasting is similar- there is a fad diet now out there that has every third day is a very low calorie day (800 for women I think) and it works well. But it won't sustain unless you figure out your day to day after. Most people will fast, get to their goal, then gain it all back.

    If you do choose to try one, make sure you work your calories in the right ratio (30/30/40) and you take a multi-vitamin along the way. They can work, so if you want to, try. Just don
    Do it for more than 3-4 weeks.
    2128 days ago
    I've always been a bit nervous when thinking about the concept of fasting (*even* for religious purposes as I'm not a particularly strong religious type) - and since I've had an occasional bout of unexplained dizziness lately I'd NEVER even DREAM of taking that on!
    Just too risky for me......


    I hope whatever decision you make is for the best!
    2128 days ago
    Well, this is what SP says about it:
    BR>I'll be interested to see what kind of responses you get because I've looked into it also. There are some pretty powerful stories about fasting on the internet. And of course the 5:2 diet is so popular now. Thanks for bringing this up.
    2128 days ago
  • KIM22211
    Many people relate fasting to a very personal religious experience. When that is the case, they do not typically fast all days but perhaps 1 specific meal or a specific food or type of food. I believe that the time they would spend on that eating time is then devoted to prayer. So I have seen several books on fasting that might be helpful to you. I have started a soup diet that is something that is for one week only and its been said that one can lose a vast amount of weight in that one week. I am just hoping to jump start my progress so I figure I could keep anything for one week! Best of luck to you though!
    2128 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    I think fasting is OK for a short period of time. Now is the Muslims fasting month. When one fasts, it lets their digestive system take a rest. emoticon
    I've heard my Muslim friends say they do lose some weight during fasting month. However, the weight is quickly gained back once the Raya celebration started with all the rich, delicious food and holiday mood. emoticon
    I've tried fasting half day (no food nor drinks) and full day (no food during the day and just drink plain water) few years back during the Muslim fasting month. I did lose a little weight. But fasting is tough both mentally and physically.
    Fasting is not for everyone. If you wanted to try it, I suggest you check with your doctor first. If you are cleared, start by fasting for half a day and increase the duration gradually. Always listen to your body though.
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    2128 days ago
    I say nay. I don't want to put my body into starvation mode n risk loosing muscle.
    2128 days ago
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