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Why am I not seeing my work pay off on the Scales?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

For last 3 weeks I have ate clean and tracked my food.
I have been drinking 70 Oz of water everyday.
I am coming back from a concussion where I have had to lie down for the last 6 months. So when I started really eating cleanly the last 3 weeks and started exercising ehich I started with a 10 min Fat Blasting Video, added walking and started doing strengthing exercises, I really thought I would see a drop on the scale, and no drop in inches on my body.
I have not lost anything and it is so frustrating.

I am NOT giving up I am hoping that all this work will kick in soon and I will see a lower measurement either on scale or my cloths .

On the other hand it feels so good to be able to move again and concussion symptoms are getting better. I feel more energetic .
So my measurement of how I feel shows that all the work I am doing is making me feel good. Like we all say weight and inches are not the only measurements of success.

This is what I tracked the last 10 days in exercise !
Challenge: 50 squats,20 crunches, 20sec plank
Walk 30min 2 k
10 min fat burning video
10min Arm workout Video.

Challenge: 55 squats,25 crunches,25sec plank
Walk 30min 2 k
Lunges 10 on each side.

Challenge: 60 squats, 30crunches, 30 sec plank
Walk 30min 2 k
10 fat Burning Video
10 min Arms workout video
15 mins Dancing in the Kitchen

Challenge: rest squats, rest crunches, 35 sec plank
Walk 30min 2 k
10 fat Burning Video
20 min Ti Chi

Challenge: 70 squats, 40crunches, 40 sec plank
Walk 30min 2 k (Barefoot partially)
10 fat Burning Video
10 min Arms workout video
3 km walk 40 minMarble Mountain

Challenge: 75squats, 45crunches,
45 sec plank
Walk 30 min 2 k
10min Fat BustingVideo

12 min seated core workout video
11 min seated cardio workout video
10 min Arm Workout video
Walk 30 mins 2 Km


Walk 30min 2 k
10 min fat Burning Video
10 min Arms workout video

Walk 56 min 4 Km Tippings pond
Squats 75
Plank. 45 secs
Reverse plank 20sec
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