I'm Holding My Breath

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On one hand, I'm holding my breath. On the other hand, I'm keeping my focus centered on God, El Shaddai, More Than Enough, our provider.

I am holding my breath because although I have no firm news as of right now, I do have some good news. Aerotek says the company I interviewed with last Friday wants to bring me on and is trying to decide on a start date, re, trying to contact the woman on medical leave whom I would be subbing for.

Also that they wish they could make me temp to hire, which is what I gathered from the interview although she couldn't really come right out and say that to me.

So they're trying to contact the employee who is out, to verify her status / return / non-return / & medical condition.

The good news is, it APPEARS as if I may be temping there as soon as next Monday. Whether temping, or temp to hire, remains to be seen.

Start date remains to be seen.

Pay remains to be seen. I know it won't be high, but am hoping it won't be disappointingly low. I am asking for $15 hr, which is extremely extremely low based on making 65K before; but is a few cents shy of making double what I make at my piddly pay minimum wage job now. And this one would be 40 hours. Based on me sizing up the situation during last Friday's interview, $15 is not inappropriate to ask for (and certainly isn't based on my experience). Everything is relative . . .

I would be happy with $15. I would be an employee of Aerotek. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop . . .

So the reason I am holding my breath is, there are too many ifs, and nothing solid yet; however just wanted to share with all my prayer warrior SparkFriends that it APPEARS as if it's good news.

I called the piddly pay job and let them know . . . here we go flying on a flake again and it's too premature for me to be making this call; but I wanted you to have as much notice as possible that I MIGHT could be, or not be, working 7-4 next week at a new job. But if so, then I could still come in at 5. She was glad I called even though this is yet another dysfunctional situation and I don't have anything definite to tell her.

Have not heard anything from the temp agency who was supposedly hiring for NGK, the 105 degree place.

And now I'm off to my piddly pay job.

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