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5-9 pounds in one week....HOW? Tell me HOW?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I don't like that I haven't lost more weight during this seven weeks.
I can tell you that I am already thinking about how long the break is in between rounds. Since this is my first BLC, I'm not exactly sure.

I know I will NOT lose what I predicted prior to start of BLC22, but if I can double what I have lost so far and not gain...that is success. Week 6 was a gain, the first I've had since August 2012. It was mainly water retention and vacation food, but it's been hard getting it off.

Without surgery or drugs, I have no idea how some can lose 5-10 pounds in a week....I can't even imagine I have that much time in a day to work out, eat, and have a life with my family. It absolutely boggles my mind.

I am not comparing my losses to others, but am just questioning how...that's all. How?

I have 30-40 more pounds to lose and these piddly one and two pounds just make me angry. I thought I would be closer by now to my goal. But I have had major surgery and well a vacation, ah the dreaded vacation. I love them. I need them...but the recovery from them is uphill.

I am just getting this off my chest, stomach, hips...It's just a rant.

My nemesis ate herself to a weight that insurance said, "Ok, you can have lapband and we'll pay for it." She has lost 80-90 pounds....with a band keeping food out of her stomach. Her skin is hanging off her body, she has lost 25% of her hair thickness, her skin is sallow and by losing this weight it didn't change her or make her happy like she thought...she is still a B____H. She is now in the process of trying to get insurance to pay for a body resculpt to cut the the hanging skin off her body. She pays out of pocket hundreds of dollars for the medical staff (NOT THE DOCTOR) to tighten her lapband so she can eat less. She eats tomato soup, broth and drinks copious amounts of wine.

Now to me, I lose a pound, gain it back, lose two pounds, gain back one. IT IS A VICIOUS CYCLE. However, I don't have skin hanging off my's there but there is muscle under it. I am not losing my hair it is still thick and glossy. My skin is rosy. But I'm still classified Obese. With a BMI of 31. AUGH!

So, once again, I will pull my BIG pink panties up and throw my chest out, back straight and stomach in and MARCH. I will do those 100 crunches, the Warrior Workout, and then tomorrow in my birthday suit I will step PROUDLY onto the dreaded scale and TAKE WHATEVER it gives me. I will know in my heart and soul that I CAN DO THIS. I ALONE (well with my Spark Friends) do this without gimmicks, weight loss surgery, drugs that curb the appetite. I WILL DO THIS THROUGH THE SHEER STRENGTH OF MY BEING.

That's all. Thanks for reading, sorry about the rant, but I had to get it out of my system.

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    emoticon emoticon
    2037 days ago
  • PRIZM96
    YOU are a ROCKSTAR! Period.

    2038 days ago
    Rants are AOK. That is just one think that all of your spark friends are here for and someone always is just like the Motel 6 24/7 the spark is HERE for you. Someone is here to listen. The BLC is in my not very humble opinion the BEST challenge of in all of sparkland and that is a lot of challenges. You are so covered girl! Awesomeness right?

    You CAN and you WILL - you ARE. Sure, it's slow and that in a word sucks but it is happening. I LOVE Colleen comment above "Move your feet before you eat". I need a shirt!

    That nemesis as others have said isn't worth the energy sweetie. Don't be consumed by a beeotch. Dedicate every ounce of your energy devoting it to YOU and your progress. Don't look back. Look forward. Don't compare yourself to anyone except you YESTERDAY and keep on keeping on.

    BTW, so what if you don't fulfill your goal this time. It's a GOAL. Life happens. This is a journey not a diet with a start and finish date. It's LIFE and you are living it. Embrace it. Prepare for bumps and setbacks and know that you are surrounded by others in the same maybe little bit deflated place right now. It's ok. Vent. Rant. Get over it and pull up those pretty pink panties.

    BTW, the next round has a much shorter break period and we start again. New round. New goals. Awesomeness!!!!!

    Make it count!
    2038 days ago
    Girl, you are safely losing the weight. and youre doing it at a rate in which you can keep it off. please dont be discouraged by others losses. my guess is that they cant keep this up for life. you want healthy habits you can continue with for the rest of your life girl. im so very proud of you and everything youve been accomplishing.
    2038 days ago
    You CAN do this!!

    It might take longer, BUT you are doing it the right way!!! I had someone I know go through liposuction. Looked amazing. She gained the weight back and then some. She went for the easy fix and didn't change her habits. You are doing it the long term way. The best way.

    You have a lot of support!! emoticon emoticon
    2038 days ago
  • SURF@723

    You know you are doing this the right way and the HEALTHY way. But it is HARD watching another especially a nemesis lose by surgery. It's not fair. Totally agree!

    But it's going to be totally worth it....hang in there and KEEP going! This trip is totally worth your time and in the end you will not only be at goal...but FIT & Healthy!!!

    We can do this together!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2038 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2013 7:15:12 AM
  • TAARON69
    I understand your frustration. Keep the faith and you WILL get there.
    2038 days ago
  • STHOMAS1009
    I feel exactly the same many, many times. Keep the faith. emoticon
    2038 days ago
  • STAY39
    You know you are doing this the right way. A good spark friend tells me- "It is not supposed to be easy, it will be worth it!" Hang in there and keep pushing. Stop putting time limits on yourself and take it one day at a time. If you only lose 10lbs in 1 year- then you are 10 lbs healthier than last year. Stay focused on the bigger picture- the journey to a healthy life! emoticon
    2038 days ago

    I'm right here with you, sweetie. For far too long. But TOGETHER we are going to do this!
    2038 days ago
  • ELSAT137
    I think it is interesting that your nemesis is skinnier but no happier. Yes your weight is coming off albiet slowly but that way it will stay off and you can live a normal life. I struggled my first BLC. I would lose and gain the same 3-5 pounds the entire challenge. I have learned more now and this time it is working. Give yourself time and your body time to figure this healthy lifestyle out. And think of it as a healthy lifestyle - not all about losing weight. You are losing which is great. Just keep pushing and don't give up. And don't compare yourself to her!!!
    2038 days ago
  • NHES220
    I don't blame you for the rant. I am not a fan of people who gain weight to have weight loss surgery. There are people who have it for legitimate reasons and it works for them and they live with the life changes that come along with it. I did not weigh enough to have it and would never think of gaining weight to meet the criteria. I am in the slow and steady weight loss and there are weeks where the scale does not move for me. But that is OK. The people who are losing it 5-9 lbs a week are doing it with weight loss surgery and that is to be expected. People who are dropping a lot of weight without weight loss surgery either have a lot of weight to lose or they are not doing it in a safe way or in a way that they can sustain. You are making changes that you can live with for the long haul and you will get there. Just hang in there!
    2038 days ago
    It does get frustrating to see others drop weight quicker or be able to eat a double cheeseburger and fries without gaining an ounce. But, you are getting healthy! Some "thin" people actually have a high body fat percentage because they don't make the right nutrition/fitness choices. Take care of your body, make healthy choices, and you will see the results, and so will everyone else. Stay strong! emoticon
    2038 days ago
  • AELI2468
    Sorry you are feeling frustrated! but keep in mind those people who had big losses each week in BLC, go back and check what their prior week's weight loss/gain was. In looking at this in the past, it's typically people who had a big gain the prior week, and then lost it this week.

    emoticon emoticon
    2038 days ago
    you are entitled to your rant- get it off your chest (hips , thighs whatever) YOU are still laying up that hard core of muscle underneath that will give shapeliness and definition to your body YOU are maintaining healthy nutritional intake that is showing in glowing skin and strong healthy hair YOU are building those muscles that will continue to increase your metabolism and burn away the fat YOU are learning healthy habits that will carry you through a life time and also be an example to those around you of how to enjoy a full and healthy life (not be restricted to soup and baby food) Your BMI is 31 right now, So what? YOU are working on it and that number will change in REAL ways. YOU are a person worth knowing- not a b**** because of too many reasons to list. Stop worrying about what your nemesis is doing and spend time valuing that girl in the mirror- |SHE is worth your time. If you want to see those pounds drop faster start a brisk 10-15 minute walking routine 3 times a day- it will turbo charge your metabolism. in other words "move your feet before you eat" YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!
    2038 days ago
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