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Sad News

Monday, July 22, 2013

So sorry I haven't been active with you. Last Tuesday I received a phone call from my nephew. My sister was in critical condition and flown to Charleston Memorial Hospital in West Virginia. Everything has been a whirlwind for me since. It took me four hours to throw together everything my husband and I would need for a long stay. We were about to go on vacation to stay with my sister. When we were ready to leave to make the trip, I called my brother-in-law to tell him we were on our way. He told me not to go to Charleston, but to just come to their house. My sister had went into a coma. She had an aneurysm and bleed out into the back of her brain. The doctors told my brother-in-law and nephew to go home and come back the next day. He told them they couldn't operation on her, because she couldn't be stabilized enough to go through surgery. They said they were making her as comfortable as possible. I knew what was going to happen. I cried the whole 6 hour trip. We freshened up as soon as we got to my sisters house and left for another two hour trip. I did get time with my sister alone. I talked to her, prayed for her, and read some scripture with her. The doctors came in and ask my brother-in-law to make a decision to turn off the life support. He was so devastated and look at me. He said she told me if this every happened she didn't want to be left a vegetable. I looked at him and told him she had told me the same thing. Everyone left except my brother-in-law and me. We held her hand and wept as she slipped away. She had a look of peace that come over her as she passed. She was a Christian and is with the LORD. I am devastated as she was not only my sister, my heart, but my best friend as well. My brother-in-law has never handled any of the bills or a funeral. I have experience in both. My husband and I have been staying with him. I went with him and my nephew to make my sister's arrangements and order flowers. The hardest thing since when my grandfather died and I help my granny handle everything. There seemed to be a sea of faces coming into the house and at the funeral service. I can't remember most of the people who approached me at the services. There has been a lot of phone calls. Many people loved my sister. I handled the list for who brought food and tried to keep track of the dishes and pots and who they belonged to. I tried to keep the house straight. My brother-in-law's sister and one sister-in-law came over and help. I was so glad. I have been keeping track of the flowers, doing the thank you notes. The horrible thing is my brother-in-law is in such grief he wanted me to go through my sister's things the day we watched her slip away. I begged him to wait. The next day he wanted to start on it. It has been overwhelming. I cried through the whole thing. He couldn't even stay in the room as I went through it. Plus he didn't know where anything was. I have taken one room at a time going through things. He has finally been able to go through things. I know he is working through his grief as best as he can. It has been so overwhelming for me. My husband is very worried. I have gone non-stop since this whole thing started. I am doing it for my sister. The last good thing I can do for her. I am so grieved. Sometimes I can't stop crying . My poor little niece has her 13th birthday. My sister was her whole world. My husband and I took her out today for her birthday. I took her shopping, to get a cake and a candy bouquet then to dinner. It has been the first time I have seen a smile on her face. We come home and her daddy had another cake (ice cream cake) and gifts all wrapped up for her. My brother-in-law did get enough sense about himself to act like he was looking for a gift my sister had left for her. My sister didn't get to go get her anything, because she had been having headaches for 4 days. I had talked to my sister the day, before this she fell so ill. My brother-in-law put money in a nice card and faked my sister's signature. He came in an said I found this from your grandmother. She loves to get money. She was so happy to get the card. I don't know when I will be back on. I am still helping out and don't know when I am going back home. I am not eating very good. Not very hungry most of the time. Not getting enough sleep. Blood pressure has been through the ceiling most of the time. I am taking meds for it and getting it back down. Dizzy spells are worse. I don't say anything, because I have to do this. I know I need to take care of myself. I just can't get a handle on it right now. Please pray for me and my family. I tried to tell my brother-in-law about probate and what to expect. He isn't grasping it. I am really worried when it comes time to do all of that. He has been acting brave to most people and that had me worried. He had a major meltdown last night. I talked him back down and he went into his room and we could hear him weeping. I told everybody just to give him that space. He seem to be doing better today. My husband has been trying to help him to just sit and talk about everyday things and the LORD. He is a Christian, too. My nephew isn't a
Christian and he is so quite. He is grieving to quietly. My little niece hasn't cried in front of anyone. She is keeping it inside. So I have a lot to worry about. I pray the LORD will help us all through this. I don't think my heart has ever felt so very broken. I look to the LORD for comfort. Some of you know I just lost my last remaining brother right after Christmas. I am the only remaining one. I never though I would see this day. Pray for us!

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