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Monday, July 22, 2013

So I had an epiphany. I'm losing control over my life. I am searching for a job... I am hunting for a job... and still I have no job. Making $10/hr with a PhD is just depressing. Seriously, 10 years of college to make less than I would if I just had a bachelors. Ugh.

So anyway -- I can't control the job situation. So I am controlling my food and exercise. The low carb thing is still going. I lost six # the first week, 2.5# the second week... so good. I can't complain about the weight loss that I've seen.

But I can complain about a surprise shark week 13 days early! Ugh! Stupid hormones! I swear my body's reaction to anything stressfull (such as losing almost 10# in 2 weeks) is just to go straight to a TOM survival mode. So I'm a grumpy, crampy cat today. It also interfered with my weekend with TJ. So that was annoying...

I'm still really tired on this diet. I cut out caffeine too though, so I'm staying strong and just trying to rest my body and give it enough fuel to keep going, but also to maintain my weight loss efforts. I'm going to listen to my body though. If this random shark week stuff sticks around for long, I'll ditch my super low carb diet for something a little more flexible.

I had a phone interview Thursday of last week... it would be a traveling position, so not ideal, but not horrible. I'm actually hoping I get it. It would be an interesting job, and not in academia (which right now is sh*t--no one has money, and no one feels safe enough to retire anymore...) The fact that I can't even get a postdoc because no one is offering grants for postdocs is just ridiculous.

So I can't focus on the job... I can focus on the food and exercise. I will take control of what I can, and leave the rest up to the universe.

Also -- Go see Pacific Rim in 3D. I hate 3D, I think its cheesy and overpriced, but this was really, really, really fun and an actually good movie.
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    I'm proud of you for sticking with a healthier way of eating and you're racking up lots of fitness minutes this month, too! That's not so easy when you're feeling stressed. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for that! Hope you feel better soon.

    On the job front, man, that sucks! I know how hard you've worked on your education, and you deserve a decent job. I am a firm believer in prayer so will stop and say one for you right now. Best to you in all facets of your life!

    Me? Still struggling, but not giving up. Surely I'll get back on track soon! I did clean out the fridge and get healthy food yesterday. Still have a few food items to get rid confidence is just to put my words into action!
    1762 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    I LOVED Pacific Rim! I saw it opening night.
    Don't feel so bad, I have a bachelor's and I've been stuck in an entry-level type clerk position since graduation in 2010. I have flooded the 100 mile radius with applications and CVs, even had a few interviews, but I'm still here. My bf graduated in 2009 with a teachers cert to teach history and social studies to middle and high schoolers, and has had many interviews and NO offers. He actually only works part time on the weekends now, and has been subbing during the school year.
    It's hard out there, girl. I hope it changes soon for all of us. Fingers crossed for you on your traveling job. emoticon
    1763 days ago
  • LEB0401
    In college the career counselor told us that it takes roughly 1 month for every $10k of salary to find a position. I.e., 6 months to find a $60k job. Hang in there, it'll happen!

    Carb flu sucks, I feel for you :(
    1763 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    Yeah companies always looking to lowball people. I hope both of us find something good soon. Im at my wits end on the job hunt too lol.
    1763 days ago
    Job hunting can be so very difficult but the right one for you IS out there and I'm certain you'll find it. DO NOT THINK for one second you are losing control of your life. You must stay focused on the fact that you have control. You are an accomplished woman with a PhD. You are on a weight loss journey and making progress (can I get an AMEN for that!). You are beautiful, young, healthy, and smart and all those things make you in control. I'm proud of you Sarah and know you got this so you'd better think it too missy, lol!

    And can I say I am SO with you on the 3D movie stuff but I've heard the movie is excellent so I am looking forward to seeing it too. I just RedBoxed The Call and holy anxiety attack during the whole movie, omg!
    1764 days ago
    It's tough out there! I have my Associates and still not in the job I want! I'm going to start busting my butt looking for something else though bc I am so over this place!

    I've never heard the reference to shark week before! haha! Mine was 10 days LATE!! So not cool! Talk about stressing out!! UGh!

    Good luck with everything! Keep your chin up! Something will come along!
    1765 days ago
    Stay positive!! Hope everything works out.

    I've been very curious about Pacific Rim... Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro.... how could it be bad??!!
    1765 days ago
    The first job out of college is always the hardest. Stay positive, something will come up and it will be perfect. If you get rejections, so be it. You don't want to work for any place that doesn't value your skill set. Stay strong! It WILL happen!
    1766 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    Good plan.
    1766 days ago
    HAHAHA shark week, i am going through the same 10 day early thing..thank goodness for my man & putting up with me!

    Good luck on the job search, i know its frustrating but something truly amazing might come along even when you take the alternative.

    I'm not into alien movies so I will wait to rent it on Netflix....3D movies here in the city are like $20 a person so not worth it. I'll take your word for it!
    1766 days ago
    Really? Pacific Rim? Robots vs. Aliens? This is an actual good movie? Hmmm....

    Hope the job stuff works itself out in a surprisingly pleasant way.

    Stay focused and positive!
    1766 days ago
    Staying focused on what you can change is a good attitude to have! Pulling for you! Something awesome will come along soon. :)
    1766 days ago
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