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Amazing Weekend and NSV

Monday, July 22, 2013

This weekend was amazing. I had fun, hung out with family and friends, even had a a glass of wine or two but didn't go over board and, more impressively, even lost a few ounces! As someone who has struggled with losing two pounds during the week and gaining three over the weekend, I am psyched. Here's how I did it:

1) I made time for work outs.
2) When I ate rich foods like dessert, I split them with one or more people.
3) I didn't have more than two glasses of wine at a time.
4) I went for walks with my husband.
5) I got plenty of water and freggies.

I had a major NSV this weekend: I told my husband how much I weigh! Okay, I didn't exactly volunteer this information. He told me his goal weight and then asked me if I weighed less than him yet. I got slightly miffed because I've weighed less than him for about a month already! Then he told me he's been reading my blogs! I had no idea but my heart was warmed that he's been taking the time to keep up with my progress. So, he already knew approximately how much I weighed but I decided to "come out" with the exact current number (172!).

He was so proud of me! And guess what? The sky didn't fall! In the past, I never, ever, disclosed my weight to anyone (except you guys). My mom, my sister, my best friends. No one knows how much I weigh but my doctor. But I realize now when I hide the number, I give it crazy power that it doesn't deserve. My weight doesn't define me any more than my hair color or my height. I weigh 172 pounds and I'm FABULOUS!!
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