Moment of truth? This isn't pretty, don't read if you want encouragement!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

I have been making really poor choices in eating. My meals have been healthy, but I have been snacking on junk pretty consistently. I can't put a positive spin on this, I just can't. I'm pretty disgusted with my junk food consumption. I have excuses, a boatload of them, but don't we all?

I've been tracking everything, even the junk, so I can see it, and it's not been pretty. So, my actions aren't matching my words, my goals. When the cookies and chip calories are the larges chunk of my nutrition pie, disgusting! I truly feel like a fraud here. I've been trying to be a leader on a team, shouldn't a leader be more accountable, set a better example?

At this moment, I'm feeling like I've made zero progress in the years here on Spark. As of this morning, my weight is higher than it was when I rejoined. My habits are the same, I exercise a lot, I eat alot.

Something has to change. Either I just admit I really don't want to be at a healthy weight or I start living like I want health. I can't keep up this double life, I'm just lying to myself.

I've got my vision collage out this morning. Reset weight goals, again. This is just insane, I can't keep doing the same stuff and expect a different result.

Sorry for being a downer, no motivating award here!

Thanks for bearing with me.


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  • JENNY712
    Sad to say I have felt the same way at times. emoticon Step by step and choice by choice! emoticon Jenny emoticon
    2650 days ago
    I want so badly to encourage you and write some profoundly good advice that will help, but... as you know I am struggling too. Hey, as long as we don't lie down and give up, there is still hope. I'm pulling for you! Keep up the good fight.
    2656 days ago
    You can do it Sheri. We have all been there and many times in our lives too! I think the bottom line is what do you REALLY want? Sounds to me like you want and need your Health back! This is number one. Think about what that "junk" food is doing to you. Someone told me once, 'if we could observe what putting junk in our bodies was doing to us on the outside - like a growing tumor on the outside of our bodies that would just keep growing, we would want to stop whatever was causing that tumor right away. But because it is in the inside and we don't see it we continue with our bad habits'. Well think of eating junk foods as just that. It is prematurely aging you - especially sugars and trans fats, allowing more cancer causing free radicals inside your body, messing with your hormones and of course adding on the extra pounds.

    I used to think as long as I work out enough, I could eat anything but I was so wrong. When I joined SparkPeople, I started to see how much I actually ate and it really opened my eyes.

    You could do it Sheri! We can do it! And we both know how!

    emoticon emoticon
    2656 days ago
    I also have been where you are at and just decided enough is enough and am back.

    I eat veggies raw and steamed, baked, or stir fried and fruit and lean organic protein and have cut out all wheat, bread, pastas, and any type of processed food and all grains including oatmeal. I gave up sugar in 1991 and use stevia.

    I am finally losing weight since revamping my eating habits and feel so much better and healthier by eating this way and my cravings for junk food are gone and my hunger is also under control.

    You are still in the game of living life healthy just so long as you never give up or quit.

    Don't be overly judgemental of yourself because you are human and this is life and it is up to each of us to take responsibility for what we put in our mouth.

    You just have to find out what works for you and go from there. We are all different and losing weight is not the same for all of us. What works for one may not work for me may not work for someone else.

    Just keep on coming at this like a puzzle to solve and think of new and different ways to live a healthy life style with each new day and have fun doing it. emoticon emoticon
    2656 days ago
    Sheri, this honesty is needed to move forward. You have all the knowledge, you know what to do. Replace some junk with healthy snacks and work from there. You can do it! Hugs.
    2656 days ago
  • 922012
    You've got this. You know you've got to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself. How do I know? Because you said it right here: "I can't keep doing the same stuff and expect a different result."

    Whatever the reason(s) for it. You know what you've got to do. So get back to doing all the things you know you need to do to be successful.

    You've picked yourself up, you've dusted yourself off, now you need to get back on your journey.

    C'mon... walk with your fellow Sparkers!
    2656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10470498
    I really enjoyed this post today. I agree with AMARANTHAQ, there are some things you are overlooking about your journey. You are here!
    2657 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3468211
    I can really relate to this post. I often feel the same way.The trick is to keep trying.
    There are periods, here on Sparkpeople, when I really am a rock star. The nutrition and exercise is easy and natural and effortless. Other times I am just showing up and saying the right things and doing the wrong ones. Most of the time, and I believe this to be true for everyone, I am showing up and doing somethings really well and others not so well. The only common denominator is that I keep showing up. Logging in to spark people and making mistakes is still WAY better than what I used to do. Which was nothing. No commitment and no accountability.
    I think you have done tremendously well. Tracking and evaluating and resetting goals. That is great and necessary work. I imagine with that much dedication this small hurdle will not keep you from your goals. In fact thae fact that while you were struggling you were keeping track is very inspiring! Others, my self included, can do well to learn from you
    2657 days ago
    So sorry to hear this Shari. My moment of truth came when I was given the diagnosis of diabetes 2. I was so blown away, that very day I changed my life.
    But here's the thing, we shouldn't have to be told we are ill to finally get us on our way to try to be living a more healthful life. We should want the health way before the diagnosis.
    But I knew the way I was eating I was doomed to being overweight and unhealthy until I could change that.
    I cannot express enough what I feel today. I no longer feel unhealthy, I am getting fit and my numbers are coming down, and I have lost a substantial amount of weight. And my Dr. is elated!! He can't wait to tell me I have reversed my diagnosis.
    From that day, I dropped all forms of sugar, any type of red meat, "ALL"
    dairy. Any processed or refined foods, no breads, no pastas. I gave it all up. After everything is normal, I will introduce some back into my plan. But sugar will never have a place in my journey. Fruit is my sugar and it's amazing what you can do with fruit these days!!
    If you haven't already, check out Dr. Fuhrmans Eat to Live book, and the team here on Sparkpeople.
    Hope I have helped you, even a little bit. We have all been where you are, and have learned to change. MJ emoticon Btw you are pretty active and look pretty healthy to me, much more than some of us have been.
    2657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/22/2013 10:20:04 AM
    I wish more people were as honest as you! Sometimes it takes longer to make good eating a habit. But it will come. Just never give up hope. You nearly have it licked, so carry on. . .!
    2657 days ago
  • BEFIT020
    Great Blog! Complete & Total Honesty! And you've proven one thing--YOU are human, too! We ALL make mistakes!

    Half the battle is knowing where you went "wrong", so to speak. And you've been tracking the good, the bad AND the ugly! emoticon for you! And now you've taken steps to get back on track! emoticon again!

    You CAN do this! Just emoticon
    2657 days ago
  • ELP1210
    I had a moment like that this am when I realized I had been m making excuses far too long.

    Know that your not alone but the only person that can make you change is you. Don't give up bc you can do it!
    2657 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14029645
    Honestly, not to argue lol but I think this is a very upper type post, not a downer.

    It is really a good thing to evaluate our progress from time to time and wow, I see so much positive stuff here.

    You are tracking! emoticon

    You are evaluating! emoticon

    You are resetting and relooking at your vision! emoticon

    Just keep going. We all wander off track sometimes, success takes time.

    Hugs. Be well. emoticon
    2657 days ago
    I can commiserate with you here! Keep your chin up, we can do it! It sounds like you're taking good steps. I do that too, but we have to get the heart in line with our heads. If I had the secret to that I wouldn't need SP!
    2657 days ago
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