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Back On The Road

Monday, July 22, 2013

Well I have to admit to allowing the heat to beat me off the streets last week...WHEW what a week!

So yesterday was such WELCOME relief when we were blessed by a cool front from Canada wringing the air out and bringing the temps down. Our bike club had a "Smell The Roses" ride planned. A shorter, slower ride from Whitney Point to Marathon. But I piggy-backed another 10 miles each way by cycling from my home to the starting point of the ride. I posted to the club that I was doing that so if anyone else wanted to join me they could.

Well what do you know but a fellow member who was formerly obese and has biked himself down to a lean machine was the only one to join me. He was one of our few club members who rode the Thater race last year and did quite well! We happen to be similar in age.


So as we start out he offers to let me take the lead. Now I'm getting all kinds of nervous...am I going to be able to set a pace that's going to be in line with what this fellow's accustomed to riding? Although we've ridden together before he usually sprints WAY out ahead of me!

I'm beating those pedals along, but having a blast doing it as it has been too long since I've been on my bike and the sun & cool breeze was just heavenly! As we come up to a stretch where I just KNOW the hill will slow me down to a pace the other guy would find intolerable...so I slow down to tell him to feel free to pass me by. I expected him to be right on my tail but when I turn around, much to my surprise...

He was WAY back! He catches up with me and I tell him about passing me by if he wants and he said: "Pass you by?!? I can hardly keep UP with you!"

That was a real nice boost to my ego! Even if he DID take up my suggestion and pass me on the hill...lol.

When arriving at Whitney Point while waiting for the others he and I shared the same thoughts: we would use the ride to Whitney Point to get our "need for speed" out of our systems so we could slow down and join the others for the club's "Stop & Smell the Roses Ride."

Well, the best laid plans quickly gave way to the joy of having another rider who could match your speed and we just took off again, waiting for the others at the turns. He and I both agreed as to what a pleasure it was having another rider who could be so compatible in our riding styles! He was talking about wanting to ride a century later this summer and I asked him to keep me in mind if he wanted company and he agreed.

After the ride, DW & I had our weekly cook-a-thon and did our big batch cooking for the week ahead. I finally pulled two things together into a recipe I kind of made up as I went along and borrowed from a few recipes I saw @ SparkRecipes.com. I've been wanting to make gazpacho AND wanting to make something with kale...so I made Kale Gazpacho! Sauteed onions, mushrooms and garlic, then added the kale for a little bit just to soften it some but still be sorta crunchy too. Then added diced tomatoes, lemon juice, pepper and crushed red pepper to jazz it up...looking forward to enjoying this through my week!

Have a week filled with SPARK everyone!


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