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125 Reasons To Workout

Monday, July 22, 2013

So, I made a list and now every time I'm sitting on the couch saying maybe I'll workout after dinner or maybe I'll skip today's workout I can go to list and remind myself why I'm doing this.

Reason I workout...

to be able to run with Eric and keep up

to kick ASS

to fit into last year’s jeans without having muffin top

to be able to catch Nyah (my dog)

one word: endorphins

to be able to run down the street in a sports bra with confidence

to be able to race Eric to the car and win

to become an MMA fighter

so you can be unstoppable

to be able to run a marathon

to be harder, better, faster, stronger

to not worry about the family photos mom has planned for June

to prove it to everyone who ever said you couldn’t do it

to outrun those who used to outrun me

to be able to run miles in double digits

to make exercising look easy

‘cause pain is temporary, pride is forever

if Snooki can do it, you can too

to be able to do just as many push-ups as Nathan

because the fitter you are, the better the SEX

to hate putting on clothes because you look better naked

to show that “boy” push-ups aren’t JUST for boys

to catch them staring at you

two words: DAT ASS

to impress the men and embarrass the boys

‘cause I want beauty, brains, and brawn

because… why the hell not?

‘cause Hercules ain’t the only one that can go the distance

because strong is beautiful

“People will stare; make it worth their while.”

to look GREAT in a bikini

because what do you have to lose, besides fat?

for the self confidence I’ve always lacked

to know that if it came down to it, I could knock you out

because I want to be a BEAST

Girl, look at that body… I workout

because girls can have abs too

so no one can tell me I’m not dedicated

‘cause this is my last time doing it for the first time

‘cause zombies won’t wait for you to catch your breath

to be able to qualify for the CrossFit games

to be that crazy person running in the middle of winter

because next time it’ll be easier to go further

‘cause “no” and “I can’t” aren’t welcome here

because I don’t want to be average

“If you aren’t sweating, you’re not doing it right.”

‘cause when someone says I can’t, I take it as a challenge…

to have a better six pack than Eric ever could :P

‘cause I’ve had enough rest days to last a lifetime

‘cause I’m too young to feel this old

to have the strength to take a pole dancing class

to start posting pictures of MY abs and not others

to know that anything you can do, I can do better

to prove that I’m not just the “cute girl”, I’m a fighter too

to compete in a Tough Mudder

to impress my friends in the Marines

to prove to everyone that I’m not weak

‘cause I’m tired of coming in second

to RUN in the color run

to be able to compete and win when Eric and Eddie have pull up competition

to show the world what I’m made of

to crave healthy food instead of fast food

to no longer have my arms referred to as “wet noodles”

‘cause if I have a long way to go, then I better get started

to say that I literally worked my ass off for this body

to make others ask “You’re not tired yet?”

because the fastest way to get there is by running

‘cause laying in bed is good, but exercise is better

for the feeling of setting a goal and then smashing it

because there’s no better way to start the day

‘cause my ambitions are greater than my insecurities

so if I wanted to, I could move to Sparta

so your abs of steel set the airport metal detectors off

to stop WISHING and start DOING

so that I can quite because I’m DONE- not because I’m tired

because every workout is a “Last Chance Workout”

‘cause I’d rather be sore now than sorry tomorrow

to make that app say “you are ahead of your target pace”

to finish your race and see a new personal best time

to kick my workout’s ass everyday

because just keeping up isn’t my best

to make squatting over the public toilet even easier

to be able to say four miles is my short run

because there’s no reason to stop, even if I see no progress

to put “The Situation’s” abs to shame

‘cause I’m ready to make progress, not excuses

‘cause a day without a workout is a day wasted

so when I look back on that before picture I took a year ago I see the change

to be able to free run

for that “I AM THE CHAMPION!” feeling

because I’m going for the gold

because when I run I don’t feel like crying anymore

to be able to say that I completed the Insanity challenge

to never go through the pain of day 1 of training again

to earn my race t-shirts

because I want to be able to tackle Mount Midoriyama

to have a love affair with a burpee and cheat on it with a squat thrust

because I want to watch my body change

to earn that shower

to one day say “I ran a marathon”

to stop pinning workouts and start doing them

because it’s better to feel sore than sluggish

because I’d rather fall down than give up

because that half marathon is not going to run itself

to not be a zombie by the end of the Run For Your Life marathon

to tell people “punch my abs,” and have them hurt their hand

because girls my age are winning Olympic gold

to beat a guy at arm wrestling and enjoy the look on his face

to be able to do the 3 day cancer walk

to be as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon

to look forward to working out instead of dreading it

to not skip an obstacle during the Dirty Girl Mud Run

so when you pick up something heavy, you don’t need to ask the boys for help

for the indescribable feeling of awesomeness after a good workout

because in the end it is just going to be me and I am doing this for me

because while others are sleeping, I am sweating

so my warm-up is your entire workout

because I can’t help but smile at mile two

because I want to earn a beautiful pair of Nikes

to stop seeing myself as weak

to stop doing push-ups and start doing earth-downs

because you lead from the FRONT of the pack

because it wakes me up better than caffeine every time

because a year from now, I’m going to be thankful I didn’t quit

to be surprised at what you can achieve when you push your limits
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