First biog

Monday, July 22, 2013

This is my first biog and I'm in no way a writer or a socialite- so any and all biog will most likely be sporadic at best. While I've been on the site for about a month I didn't really use it and this week I reset all my 'tracking'. So I'm considering this week to be my first official week with all new trackers and stats.

I am a full time student at UNT and will graduating come December (less than six months from now emoticon) and I want to finish school on a positive and healthy note. I've tried to lose weight before with weight watchers but wasn't able to make it to goal once they switched up the program and they began to have a lot of technical problems and between a broken foot (no exercise for me!) and a super bad (and long flare up) of what my doctor decided was IBS I gained some of the weight that I lost back (thankfully not all of it). Now that my IBS is under control (kinda) and my foot healing I decided to change tactics and take charge of my weight again.

In the four(?) days that I've been really using the site I've noticed that I'm more aware of what I eat and unlike on ww don't feel like I'm being penalized for eating what I actually what to eat. So far I'm just tracking my food and haven't made any real changes to it except to actually measure what I'm eating. I'm finding myself eating less than usual now that I am measuring out a serving.

Next week (maybe) I'll add in some exercise.

By for now we will see if I'm back on track
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