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Day 598- It's a Smaller World After All- A NOVEL (With Pictures)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's a Small, Spark World.

Disclaimer: This is going to be long. So read it if you've got time. And my phone messed up and I lost alot of pictures, but saved a few.

SparkPeople has changed my life, once again.

This weekend was amazing.

To start, on Friday, I travelled to South Bend for an interview. I also got to visit my friend Emily, who just moved there to be a reporter at a local TV station.

I'd contacted her a few weeks ago about TRACY31502, who's lost 215 pounds! And she did a story on her! I think SP is seriously the most effective and amazing weight loss aid I've ever discovered and I wanted other people to know about it too!

So this weekend we all met up!

Tracy is a sweetheart and such an inspiration! We hung out and talked and met her kids who are amazing! It was like we'd known each other for years.

Later that night, Emily and I decided to go out, and Emily suggest I borrow some of her clothes, but she's pretty small and I never thought I'd fit into any of her clothes.

But I had a monumental moment and borrowed her black T-shirt dress! I got a bit teary eyed when I tried it on, because I've never been able to borrow friends clothes!

The next morning I drove to the SparkPeople Rally held in Noblesville, Indiana. I got to meet so many people who have inspired, supported and followed me on my journey and for that I feel truly blessed. The Rally really reignited my Spark and helped me remember how I've gotten here.

I met BIGREDANGEL, an absolutely wonderful woman who has been a constant supporter of me.

I even got to get up and give an impromptu speech on my 80 pound weight loss.

I met the two women, Beth (~INDYGIRL) and Tina (HoosierGirlIndy), who have inspired me since I started on Spark People.

I also met Tiffany, DaughterOfTwin, who's lost 100 pounds! We went to lunch and really had a blast.

While MCCOURTT was speaking, I realized he lives in the same town as my parents. After discussing with him, we realized, he lives in our neighborhood! My mom and I travelled 2.5 hours to a meet up only to realize, a neighbor who lives on the street parallel to us has been a SparkPeople member for years!

And I also got to meet and go to lunch with BRADMILL2922, who's lost 200+ pounds!

And something Brad said when he spoke really hit me. He said "Do what works for you."

So simple, yet something I needed to be reminded of. Because when I first started Spark People, I had such a fire, and I finally found it last week.

Last week, I vowed not to weigh in until my birthday, August 5.

But after hearing Brad speak, as well as other speakers who talked about small, manageable goals, I realized, that was just silly.

What worked for me in the beginning was weighing in to see that what I was doing, was working.

So this morning, I decided to step on the scale. I didn't want my birthday to be ruined by not having made the progress I wanted, and I also wanted to be able to make changes, if I was still not on track.

But I saw 191.6! 3.4 pounds down from last week.

For those of you disappointed that I broke my vow, I'm very sorry. But for me, I'm doing what works. I'm weighing in daily, tracking my food, and continuing with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I feel as inspired as I did week 1.

I'm so happy I spent this weekend meeting so many Spark Friends, and I hope to start my own rallies in Ohio!

If you are new to Spark People, I hope you realize how amazing this community is. It is so amazing, that when I met each and every person this weekend, it felt so comfortable and welcoming and just...full of love and support.

I am so grateful for SparkPeople.

Love you SparkFriends!

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