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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lemme tell ya all about this weekend. We left home (KS) Friday afternoon and drove the 3 hours to Oklahoma where my dads moms new *man friend* lives.

The highlight of the trip aka funniest moment for me was on the way back. We stopped at a rest area and my grandma, dads girlfriend and I went in to potty. My grandma starts chanting off in indian and singing and being a wacko and making farting noises
to make jamie and i laugh so hard. she would do it again just to get a rise.
My sides were hurting so bad from laughing so hard that i couldn't breath. it was so funny.
My grandma is a wild card. a bit nutty but in a good way plus she has a lot of Indian in her so she like to act and chant crazy stuff just to get a laugh.
Man I hope to be that way still when im 81.
I'm glad God gave me this weekend to connect with my other grandma. I needed that.

On her new man friend...
Oh my gosh he is such a nice man from what I can gather, we stayed Friday and fri night, sat/night and left at like 10am today... It was a nice relaxing time for me to get away from my duties. I was happy. I actually laughed no stress. It felt so good.
the guys grilled out Friday and yesterday for dinner. we had burgers Friday and huge steaks last night...i lick my lips thinking about it again it was so good and i stuffd myself eating every single morsel of that big ol baby.

He is such a nice man. A christian which I LOVE.
He has a portrait of praying hands and a loaf of bread on a bible above his dining table. I'm so in love with it that I took a photo. I want that for my home......It's the most beautiful photo i can imagine myself wanting. I actually took a photo of it to try and find it some where :)

We sat together for every meal and ate and chatted it was so nice to have that.
My grandma was acting all coy and shy with him then they held hands and it was sooo cute.
grandma is 81 and he is 76. so cute. i got a few photos but not many because my camera battery died...ill prob upload them later to here maybe....

My grandma told me that he give her a kiss last night and it was so cute. He's a really nice man and I hope they can get together. its up on the fence as to what they will be doing because he lives 3 hours away and she cant drive and he doesn't like to so if she wants to see him again we have to take her....

He cried when we left so it was clear that he cares for her so im hoping he and her will be together.
All together it was a relaxing good time. he sent us back with veggies from his amazing garden, cucumbers, squash, garlics, and hot peppers...
i hope to see him again someday. it was a nice time for us all.
will try to upload a photo or two later if i remember

I'm tired and off to bed.. it was a good nice relaxing weekend and a huge break from having to take care of my moms mom who lives with me. i needed it so much. i actually felt appreciated and my gosh i cry at how good it feels to actually have someone cook something for me instead of having to wait on someone else. it was so good a time.
But I'm glad the dream world is over and ready to sleep in my own bed, I'm not Dorothy from Kansas, I'm Chasity from Kansas and there truly is no place like home.

I'm waiting for my ruby red slippers. If anyone finds them let me know!

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