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Sunday, July 21, 2013

emoticon Hi my spark~sters.

It's true writers write...which I have no problem doing whatsoever...Oh BOY...how WELL you know THAT...

And artist's thrive when they create.

The artist's area of my life has had some serious time challenges lately Of course our consignment gallery does allow me lots of creative room for displaying furniture and home accessories artfully...but it's not the same as making magic with your own two hands connected to the spark of creation and imagination that flows from the vapors of your mind.

NOTHING relieves stress like art. In fact, I truly believe that all people who have suffered ANY kind of extreme stress in their lives whether as a child, or an adult should enroll themselves in an art class pronto! emoticon

You need to really reflect on what made you extremely happy as a child where art was concerned and get back to it! Do it as a health extender!

With the fantastic resources on the internet these days you really don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can see any video, any YouTube tutorial and order any supplies necessary delivered right to your door.

The one thing you will lack is the camaraderie of other artists sitting shoulder to shoulder while learning new techniques right along with you and sharing your 'eureka' moments in fleshie form. Not that you couldn't experience those either if you wanted to skype some classes.

Okay so you get it. Art heals. Art tells a story that only YOU as the uniquely talented and gifted person that YOU are can tell. It can only transform from your own personal journey and everyone should be able to tap into that medicine. It won't give you nasty side affects it won't damage any other organ in your body...it WILL let you sleep better at night, it WILL raise your self esteem and it WILL give you the bliss we are all entitled to experience here on earth.

I've drifted away from my jewelry creation cocoon of comfort with all of the chaos I've been experiencing on the 'save our house' fight. This fight should propel me to seek more art bliss not less, art heals and I've lost my healing partner mojo!

It seems that every spare moment I have when I'm not appraising, accepting furniture into the gallery then inventorying it, displaying it , cleaning, scheduling delivery pick ups, advertising, responding to e-mail enquiries, and of course paying my consignees for our consignment gallery is SO overwhelming.

Then if I'm not caught up in all of that craziness, although sometimes it is FUN CRAZY... then I'm constructing questions to attorneys, sending letters to government agencies that have absolutely no concern for our plight...other than feigned concern directed at their strategy to keep them in office, writing the powers that be, or ransacking my records for all the insane information you have to provide in pleas on modification.

Hey WE are not the crooks here people...the banks are the crooks and we are the one's that are STILL jumping through their hoops of fire. It's so beyond insane it's actually almost pathetically funny.

This IS not art, and it is NOT my natural form...well the writing as you well know is...BUT it has left NO time for what I mostly love to do and that is create, transform, and teach beauty. Beauty is love and love is beauty. God is love and that's what he wants us to share with each other in whatever form we are best equipped to handle.

It all came to the forefront for me when a good friend that has TONS of Mexican Silver from her wholesale biz back in the 80's asked me to professionally photograph some of her pics to sell on E-Bay.

The minute I set up my light booth and started the photo process I knew how much I had missed what I'm here to do...create!

Here's a few of the pics...gosh she has some gorgeous stuff it's on E-Bay now.

When I started the photo process of these awesome pieces..these are the REAL deal here..Mexican stamped silver... 925 marked... I realized how much I've missed my 'one on one time' with sweet beautiful ME... in my element...jewelry design!

Of course I promptly bought a few pieces for myself...not that I need one more piece of sterling! it's just that I MUST possess beauty and inspiration.

I immediately ordered a book I've been waiting for publication on from one of my favorite bead artists. When it arrived at my door I jumped up and down like a kid who hears the ice cream truck coming down the streets of childhood memories...I was a CremeSicle kid....EXCITEMENT was an understatement! emoticon emoticon

I have been transfixed for the last week by her designs...haven't put the book down for a minute...AND I keep thinking and THINKING about how the heck I can get back to what I love the very most in this world... designing objects of beauty.

Beads, found objects, copper, wire, inspiration and invention and MOST importantly the time to make it happen.

I've really been thinking a lot about wolves lately.

That to me... is my son speaking to me as wolves were his sacred totem. He loved wolves from the time he was just a little guy. He collected them, had wolf tee shirts, wolf sheets, wolf pajamas, wolf slippers, you name it our Josh man and wolves were as one.

He loved wolf books and his first car had an air brushed wolf emblem vanity license plate that we bought from a little flea market when we were at our summer cabin in the Carolinas. Of course he was totally fascinated with super heros too...but the wolf IS a super hero in the animal kingdom.

With all of these reflections about wolves lately I had to pull our my Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven D. Farmer, PH.D. and wowsa...what a HIT!

If wolf shows up it means:

"Characteristics and behaviors that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness. Valuable insights, ideas and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention. It's important to maintain your self-esteem and integrity and deeply trust in your inner knowing, even when you feel misunderstood or misaligned. You're being spiritually and psychically protected at all times."

I'm truly a spiritual person, so when I have inner yearnings I try my best to pay attention to them. The last time I ignored an inner feeling that was SO strong and SO powerful and gave in to other people's protesting against my own true feelings I lost our son. THAT lesson will stay with me for life...and I hope my pleadings and warnings about going against your gut will stay with you too!

This inner warning was NOT to go on a scheduled cruise that had been booked and paid for months and months in advance to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary with the big group of friends we have.

I've blogged about this extensively still trying to work that decision to ignore my gut... so I won't bore you with all the details...but the short of it was at that time I felt SO strongly that it would be a mistake to go and leave our 22 year old son at home alone...I let others persuade me...or should I say 'guilt me' into taking the cruise any way.....never again will I ignore my own inner counsel! I had and still have...he** to pay for that decision...and I urge any of you to heed your little inner voice inside no MATTER what other people have to say on the subject!

Sooo when my new bead book arrived from my all time FAVORITE bead artist Heidi Kummili and I saw this wolf bracelet I went gag gag!

I don't want to say I'm a snob~ster jewelry designer...but of course we all know I am...it takes a HECK of a LOT to impress me from a fellow jewelry artist and Heidi deserves 'bow down before her talent' kudos!

Just look at her stuff!

If this intricacy in design doesn't trip your trigger I don't know WHAT would! Even if it's not your taste in jewelry...her attention to detail and her raving TALENT in Indian bead weaving and stitching techniques HAVE to make you stop and catch your breathe in pure AWE!

I mean COME on...this is hours and hours and HOURS of pure dedication, skill and beauty as a testament to her craft!

My animal totem is the bear..once again something I have been absolutely drawn to and besotted with since childhood. When we went to Taos, NM and Santa Fe...I just KNEW I had been there before. It felt SO like home. All things turquoise call my name, sterling is my metal of choice and I couldn't stop buying those gemstone bears Taos displayed everywhere. I still have them and look at them daily near my computer. They make me smile! emoticon Big and teethy~

Heidi shares: " Bear~as winter approaches, bear finds a cave or inviting place to hibernate. Bear teaches us to spend some time every year entering the safety of our womb. When we meditate with our inner selves, we slow the thinking down; we can now ask questions or reflect on our year. Bear rests in the West, the right side of the brain-our intuitive and female side.

Heidi goes on but this represents what my yearnings may be about getting back to the 4 seasons.

Florida is pretty much one season with cooler and warmer versions of it. At least it is down as far south as we are. Things are always 'on'...or that's the way it's felt to me having lived and worked here for the past 35 years. It was QUITE the attitude adjustment coming from the sleepy little state of Iowa. I've grown immensely from the 'shake out of my comfort zone' experience...and BOY what an experience it has been! emoticon Both exceptionally GOOD and exceptionally BAD...I have lived A life for sure, for sure! emoticon

As nice as Florida is...you don't have a lot of cocooning time...something we were able to achieve while we had our little cabin in N. Carolina for 10 years...I'm SO sorry that we sold it...but the hustle bustle life we lived (even MORE so back then) didn't seem to allow us the time to get away.

Maybe the realization that you just can't constantly be 'on' has finally sunk in at this point in our lives.

I'm tired of all the 'doing'...I'm more ready for the 'being' in our world.

Every day is the same...roll out of bed and take on the world...it's the fight of it all that seems kind of silly now. The only one BAD thing about giving up that fight to save our home is that means the creepster banks win...and they've done that for SO long to SO many good people I feel like it's just wrong. I feel like it's up to me to show them they can't bully people forever and think they are just going to go away. emoticon

It becomes the David and Goliath thing to me....even to the point that it's gone well beyond the hubs and I and moved into the sake of setting an example for those too faint at heart to even attempt to stand their ground and defend their home, their castle, their EVERY THING!

But beyond that rant...

Your animal totem is something that you might like to discover. It gives you a peace and delight and it's comforting to know that we ALL have one...we just have to take the time to uncover it.

Check out this bear bracelet...I'd give my eye teeth to be able to create this kind of wonder! I'm making a pledge to myself to see if I can carve out the time to try something of equal beauty!

And look at Heidi's fantastically intricate and beautiful neckpiece.

I'd look pretty silly wearing this in the 100 degree heat of Florida...but it would look 'oh so right at home' in the mountains of N. Carolina or the craggy heights of Colorado where Heidi has her home.

Another thing that amazes and inspires me about this brilliant woman is that her whole entire house is 'off grid'...she relies on solar panels and a back up generator to sustain their household. Wow...now that is talent beyond talent!

What bliss...totally self sustainable and a creature of the woodlands with all the time she needs to create and see beauty each and every day in her world.

Her pieces sell for well up and over $3,000 and they are worth every penny...I can't even IMAGINE the hours and hours of intricate work that go into these breathtakingly complicated works of body art!

Honestly...I hyper ventilate a little with JOY...each time I imagine the process. Go for walks of inspiration with tree top canopies wafting above you, enjoy the woodland animals making their homes all around you. Glancing upward to see eagles and birds soaring over the mountains, walking barefoot through carpets of soft wildflowers.

You've got to admit...it's pretty appealing versus traffic gridlock, air pollution, and dive bombing airplanes dumping toxic mosquito repellant on you during your early morning walks...so much for the HEALTH emoticon of it.

I've created plenty of pretty objects in my time...but now it's time to step up my game and go wolf...creating pieces that honor my beautiful Josh...it's time to go back to the source of my happiness and that is my design. Thank you Heidi for coming to my door in a brown paper package...I haven't been able to put your book down since I received it! emoticon

When the student is ready the teacher will comeI I think 'wolf spirit, bear spirit' my beautiful Josh and Heidi have spoken. It's about time to pick up the beading needle again and soar!

Here's a few of my own creations. I'm totally out of inventory due to the gallery pulling on my sleeve for too many hours of the day. The 'save our home fight' has hogged the rest...it's time for some ME time. In the very short future we will know our fate about the house..I'm ready to just KNOW if we will have a roof over our head here, or if we need to move on and create a new roof elsewhere. It will be a journey and as always I'm ready for the lesson whatever it might turn out to be.

I do KNOW that when you are beading or whatever your passion is...you are NOT bored and eating, or stressed and eating. You are doing what you were put here for...to love and create beauty!

Find yourself... my sweet friends..If YOU don't do it no one can do it for you...the world NEEDS more artists who create beauty for all of us to bask in.

Gosh...another book...but it's a good chapter worth reading. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1791 days ago
    Great blog! I understand the NEED to DO Creative Time especially when I'm stressted!!!!! After a period of time of doing creative time, I CAN handle/enjoy the world and life better. emoticon emoticon

    I do some drawing, writing, and painting (which I just gotten back to) and plan to take more lessons on art ( sometimes on Johnny Denver, Caine from Kung Fu and other characters) emoticon emoticon

    Another theme I explore is spirituality / native American and enjoy reading on animal tokens I have to read heidi and the other fellow book on animal tomens ( mine is cat and possibly dragon ( not sure if this counts) and eagle. emoticon

    Oh yes that reminds me I have to do a blog on my artwork one these days.... emoticon
    1794 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2013 8:01:30 PM
    I looked up her web site - just up the road from me in Boulder, CO. Amazing bead work. Thanks for putting pictures up of a few of your lovely pieces, too. Creativity and positive energy are good things! Me - I work in the yard and gardens during the season. I grow things to eat and it makes me happy. I attack weeds to get out my agrgressions!
    emoticon emoticon
    1796 days ago
    Amazing stuff, all of it--but my taste falls to your style of jewelry (bottom pics), my friend. :)
    1797 days ago
    cool stuff!
    1797 days ago
    Gorgeous jewelry...all of them! Makes me want to get back to my beading!

    I hope things go your way about your home and you get to keep it! But, if you don't maybe you can find another nice cabin somewhere! I am ready to sell here in Florida and move on to a new place! One that isn't so hot, humid, moldy and buggy!

    Have a great week! Stay strong!! emoticon
    1797 days ago
    While her designs aren't my taste I can definitely appreciate how much time and thought it must have taken to put her pieces together! I love the jewelry you make though!! I so agree with you about listening to that inner voice yelling at you to do or not to do something. I expressed that to Randy about going out to Colorado to see my grandpa and we are finding a way to make it happen and now I can't hardly wait to go.

    It's been forever since I've done anything creatively just for me or just because. I need to make the time to do that. I hope you will make the time to do it! You need it as much as or more than anyone else!

    emoticon & emoticon
    Your virtual daughter
    1797 days ago
    Thank you These are amazing! emoticon emoticon
    1797 days ago
    I'm sure the photos don't do justice to the beauty of the pieces... they are just gorgeous pieces of art. If you ever want to attend the Tucson Gem Show held every February and need a place to stay you and your DH are welcome to stay with us. It is a HUGE show with beads, jewelry, gems, stones, etc. One of my dear friends is a jewelry designer and she attended the show this year and thought is was a fabulous. Thanks for sharing and hugs to you, Rhonda

    1797 days ago
    Those designs are just beautiful. Great pics too :)
    1797 days ago
    The jewellery is amazing. I thought about doing beading, but that's as far as it went.
    1797 days ago
    Thank you for sharing the photos - including your stunning creations! you have so many talents, you are amazing! emoticon
    1797 days ago
    Thank you for the life lessons through art, just lovely~ emoticon emoticon
    1797 days ago
    AWESOME! Totally fascinating! I know you will get back to what you love the best. Your writing is superb, the photos are amazing. Time to let the creative juices flow in a whole new way. HUGS!
    1797 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    All of the art is amazing including your jewelry. I am in awe of that delicate bead work. I am also loving the Silver pieces. Mercy!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs, Sunny
    1797 days ago
    Incredibly creative!!! And GORGEOUS!!! ............ What a talent!! emoticon for sharing!
    1797 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    1797 days ago
    You are a great writer and artist emoticon
    1797 days ago
    Those are really beautiful pieces of jewelry that both Heidi and you have made. I think our friend SoulCollageSue would particularly like the wolf pieces.

    I so agree with you about listening to your gut. I call it my "little birdie". I try to pay more attention to it these days. It's usually right on point.
    1797 days ago
    1797 days ago
    WOW thanks for sharing the beautiful jewelry! LOVED it!
    1797 days ago
    Such beautiful designs!!!!
    1797 days ago
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