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Progress, Goal Check and 'How I Got Here'

Saturday, July 20, 2013

As part of preparation for the start of the Summer 5% Challenge, I wanted to review and document in one place where I am today on my journey toward a healthier body and lifestyle, review my goals, and document the strategy to get there.

In reviewing my progress so far, it's clear that the 5% challenges have been a big part of maintaining my focus and pushing me to continue along the path to healthiness (is that even a word?, LOL). They encouraged me to try different things and learn how to incorporate them into my daily routine, and make healthy choices into habits. I managed to lose more than the 5% of weight in each of the previous challenges, but they've given me so much more than that!

In the 7 months since I reset my SP journey, here are some stats on progress:
50 pounds lost
23 total inches lost
3 pant sizes down
BP is now on the low side of normal
My complexion has cleared up (a co-worker recently commented that I was "glowing with health"!

I've managed the shrinking wardrobe problem fairly economically. I was able to dig around in the "too small" piles to find enough things to get by with only buying a pair of jeans and a few shorts in each size.

There have been, however, a lot of unexpected things to adjust:
-wedding rings had to be resized (smaller)
-had to get some new bras and underwear (I never went to larger sizes, but the old ones were really stretched out!)
-watch needed some links removed
-some of my shoes and socks are suddenly too loose

I'm excited to keep working toward my goals, as it can only get better from here! So, here's the plan for the next 8 weeks:
I will keep tracking ALL my food every day and stay within my SP recommended ranges for calories, carbs, fat, protein, and fiber.
I'll get at least 5 serving of freggies daily.
I'll keep drinking 8-10 cups of water daily.
I'll continue with daily morning stretching (15 minutes of yoga).
I'll try to get a minimum of 10k steps a day, and 10 flights of stairs.
I'll do 3-5 cardio sessions each week (Zumba, jogging, walking).
I'll do strength training 2 times a week (sticking with Iron Strength workout for this one).

I only wonder now, how I could have been so dumb about my health? I need to make clear that I didn't add all these at once. If you had given me this list 7 months ago, I would have said there was no way I could do all things on a regular basis, (or even at all!) Instead, I worked to include a few at a time, making adjustments to my lifestyle to fit them in, and only adding new ones after I was comfortable with the others. Making these things into habits instead of "have to work to include in each day activities" was not easy, but now that they are, it's really now just routine.

I only need to look back 6 months to get a very real reminder of why I keep going. I feel so much better, and have so more energy and physical stamina, it's unbelievable. I'm really looking forward to a total closet clean-out and some wardrobe refreshing once I get to goal.

I want to lose about 8-10 more pounds, and lose the rest of my belly fat (get the jiggles when I'm running down to the parts that are supposed to jiggle, (T&A). emoticon

Sparkpeople and the 5% Challenges have shown me the way and I CAN do it! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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