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Friday, July 19, 2013

Down 900g (The Spark Solution breakfasts ?), alcohol units 12 (over the week - but still too much), calorie range days 4, gratitude 3 (partner lighting the fire before he goes out, cloudless sky and still cool morning bicycle rides to work, doing whole Pilates class mindfully and with good form).

emoticon My weigh in this morning showed that I had lost 900g, to reach the total of 10 kg lost to date.

I am pleased to see the number on the scale, but also recognise that it may change up next week. Losing weight is not a straight line down, it wobbles, but down it goes. emoticon

emoticon What the scale cannot take away in a week though is my changing shape. I can see my waist and hips, and the musculature forming on the sides. My tummy still sticks out, and I'm sure most of my weight is there, but it is not so proud now.

I've always had a tummy, and have always been self-conscious of it. When I was younger, Mam used to say, that it shows that I am a woman. Can't remember how I received this missive way back when, as I think it was just another contributing factor to my general feeling of not liking wearing yet another piece of clothing called a bra! emoticon

Anyway, I know it is unrealistic to expect my tummy to disappear, but I am looking forward to diminishing it some more.

It has taken me almost 18 months to lose 10 kg. But lost it I have emoticon

emoticon On to the next 10 kg.
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