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Driver's license renewal in GA.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Along with everything else I have to do for my upcoming 65th year of blessings, I had to renew my driver's license.
Well it has not been my favorite thing since I moved to GA, where quite frankly their backwards ways get to me. I come from Ohio, after you first issue you go in with your old license, verify the info (might need proof of address if changed-I've been away for a while) get your picture taken, wait a few more minutes and walk out with your new license. Same scene in Florida, then I moved to GA. where after going through the hoops you get a paper copy and are told you will get your new one in the mail. Now this didn't annoy me five years ago when I was able to renew on line, but this year I'm aggravated. I've lived in GA since 1989, but I had to take my birth certificate, my marriage certificate, my social security card and two utility bills/or an insurance bill with my current address on it. I had all of that plus my passport-so she didn't want to see my marriage certificate.
Now I've lived in this house since April 2006, filed for a change of address immediately and was expecting to get my plastic card on the spot. NOOOOOOOOOOO, I get a piece of paper with my picture on it and the old expiration date on it and am told I must weight for the real McCoy and that the real license will have the new expiration date. All this after cooling my heals for an hour there because they've closed so many offices.
What happened to the computer age? Why is this so here? How is it in your state? Please tell me it's a might easier.
I have to tell you that when we moved to GA, my DH's card was delayed for a few weeks because they had to get the Govenor's Christmas Cards out! Now doesn't that beat all. Back then he drove around with a yellow piece of paper for 8 weeks! Because they had to get the Govenor's Christmas Cards out!
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    NC and SC are more advanced, we walk out with our new licenses. And if you lose it in SC you can answer some security questions on line, pay 10 bucks and they'll mail you a new one. We switched from NC to SC five years ago, the switch from NC to SC was amazingly easy, but we have not had to renew yet.

    1798 days ago
    Interesting reading these stories. I got my first license in Maine, then NY, NJ, PA, MA and now back to PA. Some states you just had to take your current license in and they'd give you a new one (had to have things showing where you now lived). In others, you had to take a written test. Here in PA, to renew, you just walk into one of the centers, get a new photo taken and walk out with your new license.
    1798 days ago
    We had to go through some of what you did when we got our GA licenses in 1995. Since hubby had just retired from the military and had his GA license before me, I went with him and they let me wave the test (no previous license had not expired) called me from the machine and told me smile and I would get my peremeant license in a few weeks. then we moved to SC, filled out a paper turned over our GA licenses and got new ones on the spot which last for 10 years. Now dreading going back to GA and dealing with their system again
    1800 days ago
    Well, in Ontario, we have to produce our car insurance, the renewal paper that they sent me and every 5 years we have to renew our driver's license, but our license plate sticker gets renewed each year for a cost of $84 and our licence is $84 for 5 years. When you turn 80 and you are still on this side of the grass and want to drive, you have to do a driving test each year. Hope all is going well with you and have a blessed weekend.
    Joan emoticon emoticon
    1800 days ago
    I too am a Georgia born & bred ,Lived nowhere else. Had to show all sorts of papers to get my license .Sure was glad that sent me a letter telling me what papers to bring.

    1800 days ago
  • DIANE7786
    Michigan has the same procedure you described. I'm a busy woman who doesn't mind showing ID every four years to avoid identity theft. The worse part for me is hoping my new photo isn't awful. The new information is stapled to the old licence and the new license is mailed a few weeks later.
    1800 days ago
    I'm finding that things are changing everywhere due to tightened security.
    When I was working out of state, I still had to get a drivers license in the 'new' state . . . even though it was temporary. That was fun!!! oh yeah.
    I first got my drivers license in OR in 1968 (in my maiden name). When I moved out of state, married and was widowed, then moved back into OR, it was a nightmare! In addition to ALL my ID, I had to have TWO physicians write letters stating they knew me by my maiden name and confirmed that I was who I am.

    (But you notice that it is just those of us who are law-abiding citizens that are the ones who have to jump through all these hoops. Do these gazillions of illegal aliens have to do the same? No way. They must get theirs in a back alley! Guess it's all about having a conscience and knowing the right people, eh?)

    1801 days ago
    Our renewal in Illinois is like Ohio and Florida. I feel for you. They are behind here in tons of other things though.
    1801 days ago
  • JANET552
    In Wisconsin, we used to be able to go in with our old license, update the info, get your picture taken and walk out with your new license. I had to renew in November after 8 years which had been extended from three due to a change in state policy. I had to go in with my old license and an application I downloaded from the state site, get my picture taken and I walked out with a temporary license and then got my license in the mail in a few weeks. If you don't have a computer and have to do the application in the office you have to know your social security number. They don't use that number on the license but apparently they need it to process your application. I thought it was something with Homeland Security which makes sense if it is related to citizenship. I can't imagine taking all that stuff in. But that isn't as remarkable as holding up issuing licenses because the governor's Christmas cards need to go out. That is just jaw dropping!
    1801 days ago
    That does seem strange. Missouri and Washington both we get them on the spot when we renew.
    1801 days ago
    In Minnesota, you get your real license in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

    In Pennsylvania you get the real license right there and then, before you leave.

    That is hilarious, that they have to get the governor's Christmas cards out! emoticon
    1801 days ago
    This new system is to fulfill federal regulations of proving citizenship. Next time you renew, it is supposed to be a lot easier. At least you didn't have to take divorce papers from a previous marriage as well. Thanks for letting me know to go in a few months before mine expires to get it done.
    1801 days ago
    We have to jump through the same hoops here
    in South Dakota. I have lived at this address for
    almost 33 years. What nonsense.
    1801 days ago
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