On again,... off again! :(

Friday, July 19, 2013

OMG! On again,... off again! :( I just can't seem to stay motivated! I'm SO GOOD all day long, while I'm at work, I drink LOTS of Water, I eat healthy, usually a yogurt and fruit smoothie for breakfast, and something light for lunch either a salad &/or some protein,... but then I go home and I'm a TOTAL couch potato! I eat what ever and whenever I feel like it, all kinds of crap! And I don't Move a muscle! I just continue to get bigger and bigger, when that's not my goal AT ALL! I need to actually GET UP AND GET MOVING! No more self pitty,... It's DO OR DIE now! I need to do this for myself to get my weight down and start feeling healthy and looking better before it's too late, before the diabetes and other diseases caused by obesity begin to set in! I have every work out dvd ever made I'm sure, and a treadmill and a tread climber, and a bowflex home gym and a stationary recumbent bike, and free weights and a vibration machine, and a gazelle, and an ab lounger and an ab roller, and a stair stepper and real stairs that I could or should be climbing,... but no,... I just sit and WATCH TV!!! I have to want it! I have to find that inner strength that i KNOW is buried deep within me! Come on,... I CAN DO THIS!!! I and sick of this on again,... off again relationship! This love / hate relationship! I want to look and feel better, I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and I'm going to get moving,... even if I can only do a few minutes a day to start with,... well,... that's better than what i've been doing lately,... which is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! Wish me luck, that this may finally be the time that I actually do this and stick with it and make it happen and get to follow my dream of being fit and healthy and a good role model for my kids?! :) Just think of how many times I tried to quit smoking before I FINALLY kicked that nasty habit for good! I can't even explain how good I feel since I quit! Now that I can breathe again,... I want to get my body back in shape,... I want to live the dream! :) Wish me Luck! :)
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    Hi Julie-Ann, I know exactly what you mean and how you feel.

    I've just managed to shake myself out of an OFF period and I'm determined to make it last. I find that the key is just to start, do something, anything, like you said, even just 10 minutes every day makes a difference.

    The hardest thing is getting off the couch. This time I did it by telling myself I could only watch my favourite TV series if I did at least 10 minutes on the step machine at the same time. I find that once I'm on the machine I usually continue way beyond the 10 minutes, even if I don't have to, which makes me feel great. I set up a '10 minutes of exercise everyday' streak so I could build up some momentum and give myself some credit emoticon

    The other essentials that are working for me are weighing/measuring and tracking my food every day, watching videos of other people's success stories and using SparkCoach to stay accountable (if you haven't checked it out already take a look - it's free for the first period but I found it so useful that I subscribed for three months).

    In all this, SparkPeople has been essential and I'm so grateful it exists!

    Like you, I managed to give up smoking, so what I'm thinking is this: - if we managed to do that I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS :)

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    1735 days ago
    what I do to motivate myself is, I set my timer for one hour and I stay on my computer. after the one hour is up I do housework of some sort for a little while. the idea is to rotate moving and sitting. it is said if you sit for too many hours of the day it is definitely bad for your body and the way it effected. I just found this out yesterday when looking it up on the computer. you could put your tv in a room where you have your exercise machines and exercise while watching tv. as for the food, I would keep a food journal to see how often and what you eat so you know how and what to cut back on. I do this on occasion if I can remember. in this heat you should eat lightly and drink a lot of fluids. I like water a lot , but I also like smoothies and shakes. if you have a lot of junk food in your house, now would be a good time to get rid of it. yes, an occasional junk food once a week might be nice, but no more than that. I think eating a lot of fruit will also help. lettuce and cucumbers have a high content of water so that also helps with hydration, which is important in this hot weather. even getting up and stretching once an hour helps. the biggest thing of all is, if you think eating is effected by being home, go for a walk or else go somewhere else where there is no food. emoticon
    1736 days ago
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