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Excuses Excuses.....

Friday, July 19, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, excuses …I've got one or two
And if I think hard enough …Maybe a few

It's cold out, I'm tired, my hair is a sight
The dishes are still in the sink from last night

I feel like a mess, My shoes just won't shine
I think it might flurry …The car's out of time

Excuses, excuses …There must be some more
Hundreds, no thousands, I can't leave my door

I'm just so busy and interest I lack
If I climb those stairs, I might hurt my back

I think about walking but there’s no one in sight
There could be a dog and it's ME he might bite

The gas gauge reads empty, and I'm low on cash
The wipers don't work …If it rains I might crash

I might get a phone call from someone in need
Or maybe some other thing I should heed

Then after the dishes to fill in the gap
I'll get nice and cozy and take a long nap

And Oh, I'm so hungry… I do feel quite weak
If I go out now, why I just couldn't speak

So I'd better stay home …But then again wait
Why, look at the clock, its gotten too late

The car groups are full now …They're gone one and all
And since I am dressed, I could go to the mall

Excuses, excuses …Yes, I know them all
Examine them closely …You'll find they're quite small

And now that I've gotten them out of the way
I'm going to exercise and have a great day

My body will thank me, of this I am sure
Excuses behind me …Instead I'll endure

For what excuse is there that I'd ever give
Worth trading for health - the best way to live.
Have a great day, and NO excuses hey.

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