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It's been a good day~*~

Friday, July 19, 2013

I had a bad day with eating on Wednesday , then a not thaaaaaat good day yesterday-but not as bad as Wednesday. We did the shopping last night.I'm not sure if I've said before but Dwayne(son 26) likes to go shopping at night-less crowd and more relaxed atmosphere. Dwayne and I are like flatmates-we share expenses-rather than him at 26 still at home. And when we go groucery shopping we are like three flatmates shopping. Samantha puts all sorts of not so healthy options in the trolley, Dwayne gets his foods he likes-mostly healthy. Although he does such a strenuous job he needs some extra high calorie snacks. And me, well I grab different foods again. i am trying to get Sammy to put less junk in the trolley. So it is really quite easy to go a little off track when we do the shopping. I did grab four of sammy's chippies while she was eating them. As bad as that is, I only had four and did not grab any more. I weighed in yesterday-just to see what damage I may have done. Coz I want to weigh in on Sunday and have a loss-well at least not a gain. I had gone from (unofficially )114.8 on Sunday to 115.2 yesterday. So I have by Sunday morning to fix this-hmmmmm. Can I do it??
Today when I was taking my lovely doggy girls out for a walk we went for a walk I haven't done with the dogs before. I hadn't done this particular walk for a few years. So it was great. It was a bush walk, then up the hill and done the streets to get home. The dogs loved it-they love any walk mind you. I must admit I don't take them every day. But I am planning on taking them more often. I don't take them if it's really cold, because they are tiny dogs and they hate the cold. The walk was great, and good exercise. Plus with the treadmill in the same room as the computer I can go on as much as possible.
And today I have done just that-I run on it for a short time, and get off and then back on when I have got my breath back. I might have a sneaky scale look tomorrow-just to make sure I'm on track. Or I might not even look, so I will see on Sunday. Of course I want to be less than I was last Sunday. And preferably under 114, but that is probably pushing it a little to expect that. But hey-I can try!! Right back to the treadmill and I'll find a picture for the blog.

Lunchtime at the zoo. Isn't she beautiful!! I know it's not blog related. I like to add a bit of decoration to blogs.

Two cute little pigs. They are suppost to look like that-but I'm not!! I will continue to lose weight!! I hope you are having a nice day

And have a fun weekend!!
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    Hey, it's good for son to share a flat with you, I would have liked it if my son lived with me til he got married. But I was the one to move out just before I traveled Europe for 3 years as it was my opportunity and not to be missed. DS was 24. I still miss him being at home. He is now 38, married with 2 little girls LOLOL. Once our baby, always our baby, even once grown.
    I like how you get on and off and on the treadmill a lot. Mine is in the same room, wish I had your motivation!! You keep it up, you'll lose inches, scale is not always a good friend like a tape measure!!
    1739 days ago
    great that you are walking the dogs. Dont get too hung up on the scale as I know for me it can alter my mood if I let it. Look for non scale victories. I hope you are measuring yourself? I find that my weight goes up and down a lot and I don't like it as it affects my mood. So I look for other ways to celebrate success and it is all about a healthy lifestyle so celebrate the fact that you only took 4 chippies and walked the Dog, they are both big victories!!!
    1741 days ago
    Your walks sound great. Keep up the good work.
    1742 days ago
    What is wrong with ll4 lbs? I wouldn't mind being that.
    1742 days ago
    Glad you had a good day.
    1742 days ago
    Way to stay on track! You are fully aware of what you did - what you ate - and what you need to do to get back on track. Bravo! And even if the scale is "off" on Sunday - don't give up. Things will get going in the "right" direction again - soon. About Sammy. Might I make a suggestion? Maybe before you go to the store, you can sit down with her and make a "plan". You can - together - write up a list of all the foods you "need" to buy and then make a list of 2-3 foods she "wants" - like chippies and whatnot. You can tell her that for each food she "wants", she has to agree to eat one of the foods you "need". It would be like a trade off. If she gets chippies, then she must also agree to eat a salad. Or if she wants sweets, then she'll have to agree to eat an apple - or something like that. Think that would help her? Maybe if she had a "contract" with you, she would do better with her food choices - which still getting to indulge in some of the "fun" foods - some of the time. I wish you the best. You are a good mama to both your two legged and four legged children. Happy Friday!
    1742 days ago
    You are right at least it was only 4 but we know the weight is probably fluid-- drink more water flush that flyuid out-- funny drink more to lose more ... MY big issue with fluid retention is because I tend to fall asleep before I take my pills ... then I am in a world of hurt! I get so swollen!..I think it is fine for children to stay home when they are older if they are not married .. let them save their money and not struggle as much.
    1742 days ago
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