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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yesterday, my work computer 'froze' a little after 11 AM. Tech support said there were many difficulties with a major carrier due to the heat. I reverted back to notes on paper to enter into the computer later that evening. However, still could not get in. (I tried about every 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. At 11:30 PM, I gave up. I made the decision to be at work by 5 AM to deal with this 'leftover' challenge.
You've heard the saying 'the best laid plans. . .
The car battery was deader than a doornail. So a call went out to AAA. About an hour late, I get on the road. When I get to the office, the computer was still frozen. I tried to use a broadband connection. No luck. I waited till 7 AM to call my tech support. No answer - left a message. Repeated this about 7:30. Finally, at 7:55, he calls back. It was nearly 9 AM when the 'gremlin' in my computer was finally eracdicated. Now I am at least 4 hr behind and am supposed to be leaving to see pts. in about 15 min. All the work did NOT get done. At the 1st pt. house, I couldn't get online. Back to getting tech support and putting things on paper! Things finally improved 2 houses later and I was able to chart the rest of the day.
Do I have to mention the challenge of the heat and humidity. Getting in and out of the oven, I mean car, was draining physically. I arrived home exhausted and unable to focus on paper work.
Life happens!
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