Wow... Yesterday was a month already?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yesterday marked a month of being back on track. I made tremendous strides at dropping the weight I thought I lost but found again. Funny how that didn't stray too far right? I stayed on track with the food and activity. But sleeping right, not so much. That's been an issue for the last few years. Anyway, I thought, no I hoped, I would have lost a little more than I have but I plateaued for almost 2 weeks and TOM is due to arrive any minute. Maybe I'll see a bigger difference when my body decides it's not a water storage facility. Right now I'm just on the wrong side of 170 and my goal is to get somewhere in the middle 160's by the end of the month. Lower would be better but that's just not realistic. Either way, I"m gonna try like heck to get there. And I'm not giving up!!! No more "go back to start and no collecting $200"!! Eventually I'll make it cause I'm NOT quitting!
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