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The muscular truth about clothes shopping. Lets get girly.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ok, so we now have a Target. (woot woot)

I will use the non-stretch size 10 jeans to base my size on. They fit. Snug. I bought 'em because they look good. They make my butt look good. You know, all the things important to us girls. A friend I run with has commented on my butt before, about how small it's looking, but Target...dear Target. I think I love your mirrors in your change rooms. I can't see myself from behind on my own in my house. The mirrors in the Target change rooms allow me to see myself from all angles. They are brilliant. Where once I would have cringed at the 360 degree view, now I do a happy dance. I seriously should have taken pictures. My butt was looking good. haha emoticon

So I went back today. Why not? I wanted a skirt they had, but didn't have in my size before, and sure enough it was in today.

I am becoming a clothes collector. I have never had this situation before. When I was oversized I could fit into a few things, but everything was pricier and frankly I wasn't impressed with how things fit. Clothes didn't make my size 18/20 body look like a size 2. Duh. Because it wasn't. And no amount of great fabric draping nor good cuts will do that. Clothing is not that kind of magic. It can camouflage a little paunch, or flatter a shape, and it can make the eye think you are a little slimmer than you really are, but not by 10 sizes. Lets be serious.
I never collected lots of clothes when I was larger. I had a pair of jeans, a couple tops, a pair of pants for work.....they were all in good shape and flattered what I had to work with, but I didn't collect the clothes. I can't recall even having a dress that fit.

As I started to lose weight I obviously had to buy clothes. And lately I've been stagnating at around the same size. And lots of clothes fit. Like, almost everything I try on. Some look better than others, so I buy what looks the best. And .......I have quite the collection going! Lots of tank tops, tops, pants for work, 3 pairs of jeans, and dresses. I have 9 dresses plus a bridesmaid dress that fit. I can't remember the last time I owned a dress. Not since childhood. And the workout clothes! Don't even get me started there. I currently own more workout bras than regular bras. And swimsuits. 2 suits, 4 tops and 2 bottoms.

Including 2 bikini tops?!

WTF. Me in a bikini top?! I bought 'em I think more because I could and I thought they looked good in the change room. We will see if I feel confident to wear em at the beach.

Which brings me to today's Target trip. I wanted a longer swim top, one that would cover my tummy. I was feeling a little bare with my bikini top purchases. So I tried one on. And in the amazing mirror I got a great look at the muscle definition in my back.


I have a huge amount of muscle definition in my back. The swim top was halter style, and I am an hourglass shape.

I used to think I was a pear shape, but in that mirror I am clearly not. I have broad shoulders, a smaller waist, and hips. The broad shoulders give me clearer definition and ease of which to build muscle definition. I swear, if I hadn't ever been overweight I could probably start building muscle for competitions. I am doing well on my upper body/back right now.

I think I sat and flexed for a couple of minutes. I have never seen my back like that before. I was in awe. In awe of my body. I was making the muscles ripple and everything. I was all: Where the F did this come from?!

Or maybe it was the lighting in the change room, hitting my back in the perfect way. But clearly, my work is paying off.

Now, to find more dress wearing situations! And to brave the bikini.

I will leave you with a couple pictures from the mud run:

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