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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I started this journey back in 2010. I was having health issues and becoming more and more depressed and frustrated with my weight. On a follow up visit with my doctor from a stay in the hospital from an asthma attack we were discussing my weight and the problems I was having. We had discussed my weight several times but he just said try to exercise more. This time I was depressed, crying and hating myself for being so out of control with things. He approached the subject of weight loss as I was as he worded it, morbidly obese. And he seem to think losing my weight would help improve my health. So he suggested I see a surgeon and check into weight loss surgery. Well I did have Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as gastrectomy) in November 2010. My initial visit with the doctor my weight was 299 pounds. Before my surgery I lost 40 pounds. I have lost 142 pounds since I started and here are the benefits losing the weight has made in my life compared to what it was before the weight loss. Here are just a few.

1. I am off of all the medication I was taking before i started this journey. Blood pressure is back to normal. No more signs of diabetes. The only health issue I still deal with is my Asthma but even that is 100% better than it was before. I very seldom need my emergency inhaler.

2. When this started I was wearing size 26-28 jeans and women top size 3X. Today I am wearing a size 14 jeans and depending on style medium top. 3 years ago I never thought
I would ever be this small again. All I can say is it feels amazing to go shopping and really
be able to look at clothes that I like and not pick out something just because it fits.

3. Today I can walk for a couple hours without a break, before I would walk 20-25 minutes and have to sit down and rest. I couldn't do stairs at all, I always took the elevator before. About a month ago my husband Bobby and I went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and did the New Entrance Tour is a 2 hour tour, 3/4 mile has Total Stairs: 500, including 280 on the initial staircase descent and Moderate difficulty and they tell you all this before you do the tour. 3 years ago I would never have attempted this but I did this tour with no issues. I felt
amazing afterward, I admit I was a little winded but I did it and that was all that mattered.

So what have I learned from my weight loss. That I am worthy of love and I deserve a good life. I always felt the reason I was so big is I didn't deserve to be any other way because I wouldn't try to be better. WELL I LEARNED I COULD DO IT. I learned I could do exercise and I enjoyed doing it. I learned how to say NO to those who want to make me feel like I need to eat that 2nd helping, or dessert. Today I am healthy, happy and content with my life. I still have about 25 pounds I would like to lose and I know I will get there but for now I feel better and can do the things I want without any problems. Something I couldn't have said before 2010. What keeps me motivated and going is the feeling I Can Do Anything. Something until I started this journey I didn't believe. BUT TODAY I KNOW THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING............... emoticon


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