Day 1

Thursday, July 18, 2013

While I joined Spark in 2009 I did not stay on the website for long. I did lose the weight I wanted to lose but this year I've gained it all back plus 2 pounds. It has been an exciting year and I had a lot of fun but I realized recently that I feel like I'm losing my physical self confidence and frankly my libido. A great romantic night is waaaay more important to me than buffalo wings. My partner is supportive and I am capable so there is no excuse. I've stayed away from sites like this because of the time needed to track all the information. However, everything else I've tried has not worked for me lately so I'm investing the time to stay motivated. I know it will work. The biggest thing I'm doing beyond the obvious is staying away from the television. That darned box keeps me from being active and I turn into a lazy log. Life is too short to sit in front of the boob tube. If I'm tired and need a break I will read or go take a real nap in the bed. My life is way more interesting than that screen as long as I'm living it. I struggle with some physical challenges but again that is not an excuse.

I'm excited about directing my life again, especially since everything else is going in the right direction and I have so much support.

Day 1 and I'm rockin' it.
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