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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I haven't recorded it because I don't really want it to be true and I know it will reverse if I give it time, but the last two times I stepped on the scale I was up .2 (yes 2 tenths of a pound is all) pounds. I don't think I was eating enough about 300-500. So, I have started eating a bit more and spacing things out a bit differently to shake things up a bit. I also have been active everyday. I jogged/walked two days ago so yesterday I knew if I did that again I'd be really sorry, and I knew we wouldn't get our nightly walk in, so I took my dad's bike and had fantasies about going around the neighborhood 3 times (6 miles, no prob, right?!). Well, round one was HARD. My thighs were killing me! So, I stopped after one, had lunch, did some homework, then went again. So, not bad.

Last night we went to Red Robin, which we almost NEVER go to (thank goodness...too many temptations). I am really happy though because they started serving their fries in a little round container instead of a very random amount on your dish. I had about a third of them and was done (along with the turkey burger, no aoli). Turns out the fries are a vessel to get the delicious honey mustard, which I did not order because it is packed with calories. So, Red Robin clocked in under 700 (which was fine, I was around 600 for the day up until then).

I was also proud of myself because I did NOT order a diet drink. My rule is only on weekends and so far I am sticking to it. Club soda with lime does the trick.

Also, I always have an ice cream cone at the end of my day. I was full last night but wanted something sweet. We have these truffles from Trader Joe's which are 50 calories each and I thought about having one...then I quickly realized I would not be able to stop at one. To avoid a truffle disaster, I made my cone and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jogged/walked today...might try the bike again tomorrow!

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  • LAYNIE428
    Sigh.. that is annoying when you're doing everything right and you don't lose!! So unfair.. Staying off the scale probably will help, but it's so addicting :P I weigh myself almost every day! But I have so much to lose and I'm just starting out, so I haven't hit the plateaus yet.. I'm sure the scale will have it in for me soon enough. Yes - I think I've heard about that Wendie Plan... They should have calorie cycling charts for actual calories. I'm still going to TOPS with my dad, but counting my calories here and trying to watch my carbs. I've been doing pretty good with walking almost daily, so that feels like it's becoming a habit and I actually am starting to WANT to move ya know?? that's always good. haha..

    Sending hopes your way that your body will cooperate with you this week!! Ice cream with chocolate chips in a cone sounds DELISH!!!!!!! :)
    1735 days ago
    Thanks Layne! Ugh sometimes the scale is so mean and lies! Last time I got on I was up another .4 which is SO ANNOYING! I've decided to stay off the scale for just shy of a week, so weigh in on Friday. Keeping my cals low and still keeping my body moving...and lots of water.

    I have heard of calorie cycling (or shifting?). I remember first reading about it when I was on WW at UO and had my favorite Ben and Jerry's in a cone and had a big that week. I was still in my points but more than I normally had. I did some Internet research and found the Wendie plan, which is high point days and low point I try to translate that to calories, but I do get stuck in food ruts because it is "safe."

    Are you doing WW or TOPS or just counting on Spark?

    Oh I totally know what you mean about the fake sugar and cravings. Also HFCS tends to cause me to crave more sweets...Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches have HFCS and I had to stop eating them because I could never eat just one or I'd want to binge on more food. I find that going higher in fat keeps me happier on dessert. The current craze is vanilla ice cream with mini chocolate chips mixed in, served in a cone of course.

    Also, I enjoy a book sized response, as you can see! ;)
    1736 days ago
  • LAYNIE428
    You are amazing!!! Don't worry about the weight - if you keep doing the right things, it will probably just have a bigger drop soon. Although, I do have to say that when I've been doing really really well with my calories for a long time, if I blow it one day and have a much higher calorie intake, but then get right back on the next day, I can see a bigger drop. They also have like calorie cycling if you haven't checked that out - tricking your body and such.. I've heard good things for when people hit plateaus.

    I haven't been to RR in a couple weeks,but last time I was there they didn't do that fry thing.. that would be interesting, and helpful becauase like you said they throw a pile of fries on there so how do you know if that's really what the nutrition facts say is 1 serving? :P

    That's a good rule about the soda- I might have to adopt that one! I only drink it when we eat out but of course we still eat out too much, but doing a little better on that. I did notice, though, that when I was eating a bunch of fake sugar (I had those sugar free popsicles, and diet coke or whatever) I totally started having huge cravings for bad food and like wanting to overeat. It was weird, so I definitely am trying to cut back on the fake sugars.

    Man - you are so on the ball!! You rock! Keep it up :) (p.s. sorry for the book sized response). :P
    1741 days ago
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