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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have not always been the healthiest person. My parents were both overweight and did the best they coculd with what they knew but I grew up to be overweight too. After my first pregnancy I had to have my gall bladder removed because I had stones. That was when I was 19. I hadn't had normal bowel movements since then until I started drinking Shakeology. There's fiber, pre biotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes in each scoop and the mixture has me evened out and feeling good in the digestive department. I will give the warning that at first you may feel a little bloated or yucky as it is regulating everything. Give it a good two weeks and you won't believe the difference!

I am also a caffeine addict. A cup of coffee in the morning and usually a 44 ounce soda in the afternoon. Plus sometimes an energy drink. It's bad. Well, it was bad. :) I wasn't intending to stop drinking coffee. I love it. I just wanted to not use as much sugar and cream because that's what's not good for you. I got to the point that I could use vanilla coconut milk in my coffee and I was good. Then I got my Shakeology. I started drinking that first thing in the morning and I no longer needed my coffee for energy, matter of fact, I didn't even want it. I was full, satisfied, and had energy. Soda was easy to quit too. I will admit, I still drink an energy drink a day *hangs head low*. I will be breaking that habit too, I just have to want to first. I'm working on using soda water and juice as my bubbly alternative. I just haven't found a combination I like yet. It's the cold bubbly I like most.

I'm also down 28 lbs as of this morning. I am getting a little teary eyed here. I started out at 284 lbs. Even at 5'10" that's a big girl. My goal is to get down to 150 lbs. For the record I don't EVER remember weighing that little. When I was 12 I weighed 175. The smallest I've ever been since I've been measuring my weight was 160 lbs when I did summer school PE my freshman year of high school 18 years ago. I know without a shadow of a doubt I'll get there. I'm guessing I'll get lower than that. Why am I crediting Shakeology with this weight loss? I know it's eating good and exercising but I'm a comfort eater. If I'm sad, happy, angry, frustrated, impatient, etc... I eat. When my body isn't healthy I eat junk food. Did you know that when you start giving your body the nutrition it needs it starts to crave junk food less? That just by eating whole foods (Shakeology is made from whole foods), staying hydrated, and being a little bit physically active you start a spiral effect that will help you not crave junk food, crave healthy food, and want to move more? You can't focus on what you shouldn't be eating. You have to start with what you should be eating. My Shakeology has helped me curb my cravings. Don't get me wrong. Yesterday we were at the gas station and my kids wanted nachos and I caved and we all ate nachos. I also didn't have my Shakeology yesterday either because I splurged and ate my favorite cereal (oatmeal squares) for breakfast. I actually didn't eat well yesterday at all. But that's ok, I didn't go crazy, ate in moderation some foods I really wanted (I also started my period today so that explains why my desire to junk out was a little stronger) and stayed hydrated. I still lost a pound when I weighed this morning and today is a new day and I'm back on track.

I'm losing weight, I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, my digestion is way better, my mood is better, I'm just healthier. That's why I love my Shakeology. That's why I share my story. To learn more about Shakeology you can go to:
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    I used to "mainline" Mountain Dew. A bottle or can was always in my hand and I didn't drink anything else at all period. Then I was diagnosed with kidney disease and it was stop or die.

    I was shocked at how easy it was once I put my mind to it. I down cycled rather than going cold turkey just so I didn't go through caffeine withdrawal. Now, I drink water 99% of the time. But every once in a while, I ask DD to pick me up a Dew on his way home from work. But, I don't feel bad because I'm doing so well!

    So, don't hang your head too much over those energy drinks - you'll get there.

    2580 days ago
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