Testing the block

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It was still so hot at the barn. Tested out the mounting block I got DH to put together. It was a set of 6 stairs that he cut in half and screwed supports to. The other set is inside the barn near the arena. I bought a gallon of reject deck stain from the Oops rack at H.Depot to paint them.

Rubbing Leo to see if he's concerned. He's not moved over yet.

Leo's moved over & I mounted, from the 'traditional' left side.

My new addition to the barnyard.

After I mounted I rubbed on Leo a bit before moving away and dismounting. Then I lead him back to mount from the other side.

Leo's interested in the ride-on mower. I'm tapping his hip to ask him to move it closer to the block.

And a little closer...


and weight in the right stirrup...

He's ok so I swung my leg over to mount.

Then a little side pass to move away from the block.

I like to mount from both sides so I'm not straining one side more than the other. And it's good for the trail if I can't mount from the left, for safety or injury reasons.

Leo is a very good boy.
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