A Peaceful Word

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It often takes a hero to speak a peaceful word.
It often takes no words at all to make your point be heard.
It often seems like there’s no hope, no point to all we do.
It often seems like love’s a dream that never will come true.

Yet every single light that shines brings wisdom to our time
And every single thought is heard – yours, and theirs, and mine.
We’re everyone a child-god, creating everyday.
We’re just a bunch of kids, bringing fear into our play.

We play at war. We play at hate. We find new ways to hurt.
We’re seduced by all life’s dramas, and the dirtiest of dirt.
But eventually we tire of pain. Eventually we see.
Life doesn't have to be like this. We could be home and free.

Our underlying goodness keeps floating to the top.
No amount of badness can make the goodness stop.
We’re more than just mere mortals.  We’re more than human dust.
The world is made by you and me, and everyone of us.

So every single hero, with their every peaceful word, is powerful beyond our ken, when their words are heard.
They share their special courage as we repeat their truth.
Love is here. Love is now. Love really is the proof.

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