New weigh in results,new lessons learned

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yay! I finally made it to a new weight loss badge. It was one of my unspoken goals on Spark and a long sought after goal at weight Watchers. My leader asked me today what was something I did differently to get to the new weight loss and I said without hesitation,"Self-discipline." I've learned along the way that in order to say "Yes" to weight loss and good health, I've got to say"No! to the foods and behaviors that deter me from my goals. In a sense you've got to learn that the word NO spoken in a timely manner, is sometimes the most important word in the English language. Another thing that I learned along the way was to recognize the behaviors of a glutton when I was practicing them. I got in touch with that sinful aspect of my life and decided I didn't want to be able to call myself a glutton any more. There are lots of kinder words we all use, and I'm not standing in judgement of anyone except myself, but I needed to be brutally honest with myself at the time, and now that I've looked in the mirror at that behavior, I no longer choose to behave that way. Will I ever slip back again? Of course! I've got a hundred pounds to go, but for today I can gather all the strength I can from this success and go on with that lesson under my belt. And that's a notch in my belt I'm happy to make. emoticon
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