Day 393 - Maintaining

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good morning, all!

I know, I know, I haven't written anything for a while.

I know, I know, for me blogging is a great way to keep accountable as well as keep my mind focused on the task at hand (namely, continuing a healthy lifestyle, posiitve attitude, and the side effect of those two things which is weight loss.)

I know, I know, I'm a delinquent.

I'm sorry.

I spent all of the last two weeks since the Independence Day holiday pretty much focused on work. I did pretty well keeping myself motivated to go for my lunchtime walks and I think I've kept my food in check (except for the one day where I had two dinners of Taco Bell AND McDonalds...) and I think my attitude has been pretty good, too.

Still, that doesn't replace the comraderie and support that I've missed from sharing my blogs!

I think I just haven't blogged because I don't have very much in the way of success to share - and not much new to complain about in terms of challenges.

I'm still in the land of doing nothing thanks to the air bubble in my eye. I'm a terrible person because I have pretty much asked all of the regular concerned people (family, close friends) to stop asking how my eye is doing until August. I did it because, well, talking about it makes me feel like I'm whining and I don't have any good news to report there, either. My eye is still in my head. It's still substantively full of air. I still can't see normally out of half of it and it's horrible in bright light. See, look, I just went on a rant right there thanking about it. It's exhausting to think about and I feel like I don't put on my most positive, graciuos self when I talk about it.

Last night was the first meeting of the Weight loss study I've made it to in two months. (Since May, I think.. I think I went in May?!) and the good news is I've essentially maintained. 2lbs up. That's not terrible given the circumstances and the steroids.

Confession time: I didn't do the 4th of July race. I just couldn't. I'm not glad I didn't do it; but, I'm not going to focus on my reasons. I just feel very insecure at the moment. I just want my life back to normal.

Scary confession time: I will walk around DragonCon half blind before I walk around it in my glasses. Truth.

Alright, it's almost walk time. I hope you guys have been more successful than I have been lately; but, as the saying goes - maintaining is better than gaining!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aw stupid eye. It better fix itself soon or I'll come over there! Not sure what I could do, but I'd still come.
    Be proud of yourself for maintaining despite everything that's going on at the moment.

    2282 days ago
    emoticon I don't think you're whining!

    I wish I could walk around without glasses, but I'd just be squinting trying to see the whole time, and it would make my face look squishy.
    2283 days ago
    2283 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Enjoy the walk. Keep blogging.
    2283 days ago
    Awww--- you know we're all here for you. And we promise, we'll not say anything (unless you want to talk about it) even after august if you want us not to.

    And maintaining is as good as loss most of the time. I'm in that cycle now where I'm not losing as quickly (and maybe just hovering) and you know, I'm not too terribly meh about it.

    So, we're here if you need us. yes we still love it when you post, even if it's not about successes and it's mostly about not wanting to rant. It's good. You write well. We care. and that means, well, something. You've got support. And we're hoping all gets better soon.

    BTW -- DragonCon doesn't mind glasses. But I getcha. I do stuff like that all the time. So, just, you know, be safe.
    2283 days ago
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