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Today I really Struggled

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today was my "off" day for CrossFit.. .but I have to get my burn on in some other way.. but today it just wasn't happening.. I had plans to have dinner with an old friend at 7pm.. at Chipotle.. I could have gone swimming but not alot of time to wash my hair, get dressed and get to dinner.. I could do some rowing at home but just wasn't in the mood..

Truth is, I wasn't in the mood for activity at all.. I just wanted to veg.. so, I came up with a plan to walk to Chipotle.. if I took a circuitous route it would be 3.2 miles.. which is a long walk for me..and I could get my friend to give me a ride home.. Usually, my achilles hurts for the first mile.. and then it kinda calms down.. but not tonight.. it hurt the entire time.. bad.. and I limped into Chipotle..

However, I wanted to turn back.. I didn't turn back.. I pressed on. .I wanted to take a day off... but i didn't.. I walked the 3.2 miles and I made it to dinner. I had a great time with my friend..

I have no inspiring point here.. just that this journey is NOT EASY.. and a lot of times it's NOT FUN.. and today was one of those days.. and now I'm going to bed and hoping my attitude will be better tomorrow..

My coach says "sometimes you just have to check the box and move on"... and that's what I did.. I checked the box..

31 Days til Africa
4lbs to go to meet my Zipline Goal!!
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    So-do you wear inserts in your shoes? I have custom inserts for my pair of shoes that I wear the most, but I also have gotten a couple pairs of very good inserts from the shoe store, for two other pairs of shoes. I think they are very helpful.

    And...I wonder: have you ever tried getting a massage dedicated to your feet? It is WORTH it! Last year I had a 30 minute foot/leg (mostly foot!) massage once a month. I'm positive it helped my foot heal. I highly recommend getting one!

    You are inspirational how you are getting the exercise in, changing your eating, it's very impressive and you are going to make your goal! Very happy for you and VERY impressed! Go You!! :-)
    1736 days ago
    Good for you. I have just moved into a new town where people walk a lot so I think it'll help me too. You're so close to your zipline goal, it's going to be great!
    1736 days ago
    I've had to just check the box many times. 3.2 miles is always going to be 3.2 whether they were easy or hard. One day you will appreciate the hard ones for than the easy because it shows you what you are made of. Very proud of you
    1737 days ago
    I have no inspiring point here.. just that this journey is NOT EASY.. and a lot of times it's NOT FUN.. and today was one of those days..

    How true. But you just keep on moving. Good for you!
    1737 days ago
    1737 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Awesome way to outsmart yourself and walk to dinner! AND Chipotle was a fantastic option too! You are right...some days, our "best" is just to "check the box" and that is totally fine. emoticon
    1737 days ago
    this is SO true! on my "off" days from water aerobics and swimming, I do not want to do anything! but yesterday, after haircut, errands, and food shopping, I made myself go outside in 90 degree heat and walk the 2 mile path by the river. (only 88 there!) it was not easy, it was not fun, it was hot, but I kept on, even with screaming knees and foot pain. now, this is not 3.2 miles, but I am not in as great shape as you, Annie. you dug it out and did not give up and GOOD FOR YOU! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    I beg to disagree, you definitely have an inspiring point here. It's not all sunshine and roses, but you still have to do it to move forward!
    1737 days ago
    There you go....good job. 90% of success is just showing up. Check the box and move on!
    1737 days ago
    This is an outstanding blog, and you captured this journey perfectly! Some days we just don't want to, I think it's what we achieve when we don't feel like it that really separates the successful from the ones that are constantly struggling. I had to learn the hard way it isn't always emoticon 's and emoticon 's, but we gotta power through it and get it down. I was feeling lazy today and super tired (not even sleep), so I walked Sparky but we took a shorter walk, and I realized the shorter walk was better than no walk. I am so sorry your achilles tendon was bugging you, so extra congrats on completing the walk anyways! You are awesome, and I hope tomorrow is a puppies and rainbows day instead! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    Sorry to hear that your Achilles tendinitis acted up again. Super impressed that you didn't give into your inclination to take it easy and instead came up with a plan to get some cardio in. Hope tomorrow is better. Like you say, "fake it till you make it." So today you faked it, and tomorrow you'll make it!
    1738 days ago
    You have the determination of a dog with a bone..and I think you are awesome! Congrats on NOT turning back and NOT giving up and rejecting all the excuses that were so close & handy.

    You are awesome, woman....hear me? AWESOME!
    1738 days ago
    We all seem to have days like that and you seem to train very hard and faithfully so maybe your body just needed to rest. I feel for ya sista whatever the cause, but tomorrow will be brighter and a fresh start. So get out of the funkie mood ! emoticon
    1738 days ago
    Way to push through it and walk!!! Sometime our bodies need an attitude adjustment. Zip line is on my bucket list and we are going to Mexico next year. I was wondering if there was a weight limit. I have never even attempted because of that embarrassing feeling of asking my weight!!!!!! What a great goal. I should find out the weight limit and set a goal for vacation!, you rock! Hope chipotle was good!
    1738 days ago
    Good job at pushing on
    1738 days ago
    The hard is what makes it great...if it was easy, everyone would do it

    1738 days ago
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