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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My husband says that I'm working out too much. He says he wonders if i don't ever get tired but the truth is I like working out, it keeps me motivated and energized for the day.When I don't work out I feel fatigue. I work out twice a day at least 4 times per week. I burn on average 2180 exercise calories per week with insanity in the morning and gym in the evenings. I don't feel like that's too much because my calories are 1540-1890. When I feel too much muscle soreness I don't workout. Should I slack off? or Should I continue?
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    I agree with the other posters, if your double excercise sessions are due to xtra energy and that need to just do something than go for , it sounds like your fit level is high as is your desire so don't let him get you down. But again I agree with the other posters, you should investigate what he's really trying to say. I had a similiar issue with my guy a while back and it caused us some serious problems, so don't ignore his feelings.
    Maybe instead of the second workout play basketball with him or hike, or whatever he's into that way he gets attention and you still get that release of energy you crave.
    2309 days ago

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    After my gym work out today I am exhausted so instead of doing insanity tomorrow morning I will rest; I will however do it in the evening and skip the gym. This is a typical example of what I do when I feel too sore. I listen to my body and this is what it's telling me to do. Have a great evening.
    2309 days ago
    Just continue with what you are doing. You seem to know when you are too sore. I am sore too and it gets tiring. I am jealous you have lots of energy.
    2310 days ago
    You know your body and seem to be listening to it. That's wonderful! You might, however, want to consider if there's more to his concerns than what he is actually saying. Is this time you used to spend with him? If so, you might want to find a balance that works for both of you. emoticon
    2310 days ago
    I think cakemakermom might just be right. Maybe he is feeling left out. I will try to make more time for him and sees if this will curb the problem. Thanks so much guys for your inputs.
    2310 days ago
  • RIGEIN24
    Do what makes you feel good, your body will let you know if something is wrong, and you already listen well. Go you!

    But yeah maybe like CAKEMAKERMOM said, could he be lonely? Or he just cares about you and is doting! Either way good luck handling that discussion with him if it's brought up again.
    2311 days ago
    Keep on doing what you think is right for you and your body.

    I wonder if he's feeling a little left out or neglected and this is his way of telling you to spend more time with him?
    2311 days ago
    I do feel tired after my workouts specially insanity on a morning and sometimes sore but what I'm saying is that my soreness don't last for a prolong period of time and if it does especially after my strength training I just don't workout. Like I said I don"t want to stop and I won't. I will keep listening to my body and do what it tells me to do.
    2311 days ago
    It sounds like you have this under control and know what you need to do for you! Sometimes Significant Others tend to feel a little left out when you start taking care of you. Perhaps hed go with you to work out or you could just make a special time for you two to go out with no 'workout' involved..just enjoying yourselves.

    You are doing great...Keep On Going!! emoticon emoticon
    2311 days ago
    Huh, if you don't feel fatigued/tired after a 45min session, I would think you aren't exercising at high enough intensity.
    At any rate, you do want to be careful you don't cause injury due to excess exercise (or improper form). Make sure you have a good mix of cardio, strength and flexiblity exercises in your workout!
    2311 days ago
    You should continue. Keep challenging yourself, listen to your body. As long as you're not hurting yourself, you're building muscle, and you feel good, do it.
    2311 days ago
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