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Summer 5% challenge. . . . and the reasons I want to lose the weight. . . .

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm joining the Summer 5% challenge after completing the Spring 5% challenge as a Determined Daisy . I didn't start out to well with the challenge but after the third week I did begin to lose some weight even the 7 pounds I did gain on the second week of the challenge. I'm very excited with the results that I have experienced. I have gone down one pants size. emoticon And my swimming suit no longer fits me. This is awesome and at the same time frustrating. We no longer have a local store that sells swimsuits in my size. And in the past when I have ordered them online when they get here and they are such a thin material. It is not worth paying that kind of money for what is more like a night gown than a swimsuit. I will just keep my eyes out for somewhere to get a really good quality suit like the one my daughter bought me about 7 years ago. And at this rate maybe I should just wait for awhile to see where I get for next summer. . . emoticon

Part of our before challenge assignment is to list all the reasons we would like to lose the weight. I have so many reasons but I will start out with the most important ones to me.

1. I will be so much more healthier for myself and family.
2. I will be able to keep up with my family members and do all the things that I long for.
3. Pain will be much less in my legs and knees. emoticon
4. My BMI will be at a much more reasonable level. Which my BMI dropped 1% during the Spring Challenge.
5. Maybe I will no longer have pre-diabetes.
6. I will be able to get in and out of "cars". I do my van great, but that is because you climb UP and fall out. No need to roll around in the parking lot for a half hour trying to get out. LOL
7. Will be able to purchase only 1 ticket when flying an airline. Instead of two.
8. Can fit comfortably in a booth instead of a table. Which I don't care for booths anyhow but it will be a nice accomplishment.
9. I won't have to be paranoid when going somewhere that the chairs won't hold my weight.
10. Will feel much better and have more energy. ( ooops! this should of been at the top )
11. There are so many reasons that I want to lose the weight and they are all so important. But really I hate being so overweight. . . My meds are now all meds that don't make you gain weight after 25 years of meds that did. I'm bi-polar and take several meds for that condition. The first 2 years on the meds after being diagnosed I gain about 150 pounds. the rest of the weight gain is my own doing. emoticon

But now I'm on the right track and doing what is necessary to get the weight off and to keep it off. I started out on Spark People weighing almost 385 pounds. I'm now down to 332.9 pounds. With the encouragement of all my family and Spark friends I don't think I would be this far right now. Thank you all for supporting me in my efforts.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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