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Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow. It’s a milestone; I’ve reached the point in my small dev career wherein I need to start doing these – if only for my own purposes. But then I figured you know it might be good to post these when I come to – yes that’s right, THE END OF A GAME. I mean, the thing works! (Not totally, hence the “bug report” in there, or “known issues,” as some devs prefer). I am so excited by this:)

Patch Notes for “Four Horsemen”: 8-12-2013/8-15-2013:

*blue statements mean things I’ve learned; red means it’s what I did, and highlight is the areas that were bugs.

GregorsBestWeapon: printed out as “Gregor’s best sword is rusty”; this shows up whenever player changes direction

DIRECTIONS BUG: player chooses East but has to hit it twice

*fixed with maneuvering Gregor’s best sword sentence

GregorsBestWeapon: printed out (once player has gone East) as “Gregor’s best sword is new and shiny”.

*1st try: moved “Gregor’s best sword is new and shiny” down to after he actually gets the sword

New bug text: Gregor’s best sword is rusty

Where do you want to go from here?

Please type North, East, or West.

What’s this?

Where do you want to go from here?

Please type North, East or West.East

‘I believe we should try the East; it looks friendliest,’ you say. The others seem in agreement, even Gregor. Slowly, you turn and ride eastward into the stony crags. After a little while, though, the ground becomes more slippery than you’d thought it would, and your horse whinnies and checks itself several times from falling.

(you then go through whole rest of text regarding finding sword)

then, “Gregor’s best sword is new and shiny.”

*2nd try: moved wording back where it was, left it:

*Now “Gregor’s best sword is new and shiny.”, but better spaced; decided to leave it as is so player can tell status of sword.

DIRECTIONS BUG: player chooses West without choosing East (will go into woods but then automatically must go through same Directions Bug as below in woods)

*fixed with movement of Gregor’s best sword sentence at start, then

DIRECTIONS BUG: player chooses West but has to hit it twice

*fixed with movement of Gregor’s best sword sentence

DECISIONS BUG(s): 1 – player has to Enter once in woods, but when gets to the fight w mist monsters,

player is first asked “whose decision would you choose?”,

then “press enter to continue,”

then given the choice of decisions…

if player chooses Jade, will go into cave, then press enter…

then traceback to “GregorsBestSword is not defined”. *be sure and have all variables named correctly!!*

*put in newline: Prompt = “Where do you want to go from here? \nPlease type ‘North’, ‘East’, or ‘West’.”

2 – player goes into woods, to fight w mist monsters, same 2 questions, then the choice of decisions… if player chooses Keith, runs into messed-up block of text about Gregor fighting, which repeats over and over with every Enter

*fixed with changing WHILE loops to IF loops.

*make sure and put in IF instead of WHILE; WHILE loops are only for making sure a loop keeps going UNTIL the conditions set by the loop are changed.

IF statements, on the other hand, are for “in the case of this being like this”

IF statements DON’T loop. They keep going to the end and don’t start over.

3 – player goes to woods, fight w mist monsters, same 2 questions, then decisions… if player chooses Gregor, runs into a string of Please press Enter statements,

then can continue on down to where text gets to new camp, wherein it loops back to start of fight with Gregor yelling “Go!”…

known issues:

1 – Keith’s decision doesn’t proc correctly; if player chooses Keith it goes to Gregor’s decision

2 – Jade’s decision doesn’t proc correctly either

3 – ENDGAME needs to have statement/question there “do you want to play again”? or “do you want to start over?”

That’s my patch notes report – I’m still tickled that I’m at a point where I need to write these (I expect someday I’ll be bored doing it, but for now it’s amazing and new).

(file under mental exercise!)
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