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Monday, July 15, 2013

For those of you who don't know. I was 'volunTOLD' that I was activities coodinator for my ENTIRE six day family reunion. After hours and hours and hours of planning, this is the agenda! (I still have yet to make quite a few things, but this is the plan!).
Reunion runs Aug 1 - Aug 6. Two more weeks.............Will I Make It?!!?
(And for the record, this is all color coordinated on my sheet. I'm a freak!)

Everyday: Family Memories (Have 'oldsters' tell stories into a camera about youth and family memories. Ask kids Qs)

Thursday 8/1:
8:00 -- 4:00: Lunch + Arrival
4:00 - 8:00: Dinner + Review daily plans (Poster up front in the morning + Ring bell for lunch + Bell for games?)
8:00 - Bed: Mingle (Set up night games)
Night Game: Lawn bowling w/ water bottles + Glow in the dark ring toss w/ bracelets or necklaces

8:00 - 10:00 am: Breakfast
Bird Bingo (http://www.birdsleuth.org/aft
10:00 - 12:00: Games
"Spider webbs" - have each team make a tangled mess of rope through the woods, as terrible as they can in 10 minutes, assuming the other team will untangle it, then, make THEM untangle their own. First done wins.
14 MINUTE TO WIN IT GAMES (Ideas listed below)
12:00 - 2:00: Lunch (Set up obstacle course)
2:00 - 4:00 Tamarack Wildlife Rehab/Ed Birds (Arrival at 2:00pm)
4:00 - 6:00: Dinner - With homemade apple cider and homemade ice cream (from Norms)
6:00 - 8:00 Games
"Octopus Obstacles" - Set up 8 "tentacle" obstacles. Four teams of 8? Simultaneous
(8)Sneaker scramble (Setup: Have players remove their shoes and place them in a pile. Someone scrambles up all the shoes and up the shoeless players side by side on the starting line a short distance away. When the whistle blows, players race to find and put on both of their shoes, then race back to the starting line.)
(6) Hula hoop game (pass from one person to the next while holding hands) - 3rd party tie up three legged people now
(2)Sack races (three legged race with rope from spider web)
Newspaper walk (description below)
Snowman building contest - first team to make a 'snowman' by wrapping someone in TP wins
Penny in a ladle race
Bean bag toss: Cut shapes in a tarp and wrap duct tape around edges. Must get into all shapes
Ping pong ball on plate race
Shoot a basketball (end w/ hula hoop tied on tree, both shooting at same 'hoop')

8:00 - Bed: Mingle
Night Game: Firefly: (Description Below) http://spoonful.com/family-fun
Blind Eagle (Description below)

8:00 - 10:00 am: Breakfast (Set up air golf)
Using items only found in nature, build a platform that can hold up a brick (4 teams)
Who's that baby (people submit pics beforehand. Or try 'whos nose or who's eyes?)
10:00 - 12:00: Games
Mod podge scrapbook or photo stuff on blocks of wood
Bubble station (use creative objects such as pipe cleaners to blow bubbles)
Air golf (Use wire hangers, ball or Frisbee, score like golf - hang w/ pretty streamers or numbers)
14 MINUTE TO WIN IT GAMES (Ideas listed below)
12:00 - 2:00: Lunch
"Telephone" game (Use 4 teams from AM, closest wins)
She was sitting in a shoe shine shack.
Elephants Cannot Tango.
2:00 - Bed: "Jam Jamboree" (Start time ~2:00pm) + Dinner
Night Game:
Musical Chairs Disco (Dance to the music, when it stops, last one to freeze sits down)
Name that tune
Sing songs based on words from a hat (like last Christmas)

8:00 - 10:00 am: Breakfast (Set up field and relay)
((Nature) Scavenger Hunt/ Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (More Below!))
10:00 - 12:00: Games
Capture the flag (or football) with a jail!
Water Relays: (6+ people)
(1) Water balloon Piñata (Hang balloons from think string - thicker yarn. The fuller the better)
(2) Splash and Score: Practice batting with water balloons. Must hit 6.
(1) Duck Races: Race ducks with squirt guns in some gutters.
(1) Sponge and Bucket Relay (Description Below) - FILL dixie cup(s)
(1) Knock ping pong balls off of golf tees with tiny squirt guns
(All members) Water Relay: Cups & buckets. (Bucket in front, use dixie cups to pass it from one person to the next, over their heads)
Run through the sprinkler (This is a great course finale!)
12:00 - 2:00: Lunch
2:00 - 4:00 Ashley + Horse
Pool Prize Search (Description below)
Simon says (baby step, giant step, bunny hop, etc)
"Mom is calling" (Setup: On one side of an open expanse, line up the mothers side by side and blindfold them. On the other side, have the kids line up side by side. At "Go," the kids start calling their mothers. Whoever touches her own child first is the winner. Play a second round with blindfolded fathers.)
Red light/green light
4:00 - 5:00: Dinner
5:00 - 9:00: DJ/Karaoke
9:00 - Bed: Mingle
Night Game: Glow in the dark kick ball (Use straight glow necklaces to outline bases)
Hide and seek congo (hide and seek, when found, add to congo line)

8:00 - 10:00 am: Breakfast (Mix up paint)
(Color find - find something of every color of paint in an egg carton)
10:00 - 12:00: Games
Paint filled eggs on computer paper
Turkey baster painting
12:00 - 2:00: Lunch
2:00 - 4:00 Games
Color Obstacle (How to: http://www.ehow.com/how_533503
Lay a broomstick (or large board) across two chairs and crawl under (Paint on underside)
Crawl through a large box (top and bottom removed) (Paint randomly inside) Barrel Run w/ weaving drill (Barrels close together and covered in paint)
Tire Run (Description below) (Paint inside of tires)
Tie strings between trees for obstacles (Spray paint strings!)
Lay down a board for a balance beam (Paint on either side of the beam, fall off, you get paint?)
Roll over barrell
Messy twister (twister w/ paint)
4:00 - 6:00: Dinner
6:00 - 8:00 Games
Color Run
Sponge ball, dodge ball
8:00 - Bed: Mingle
Night Game: Family Feud

Tuesday 8/6:
8:00 - 10:00 am: Breakfast
12:00 - 2:00: Lunch + Departure

Yard game competitions
Yard Games (Boche, Kube, Volleyball, Badmitton, Frisbee, Crochet, horse shoes, tetherball, cornhole, ladder golf)
Yard Jenga (Didn't have time to make this. I'm sad.
Skee ball: (Cut down PVC pipe, paint, and using golf balls, you have a great ‘skee-ball’ esque backyard game! (shortest in front in "V" shape, most points in front)
**Life size kerplunk** (I'M SO EXCITED BY THIS!)
Shower curtain tic tac toe w/ frisbees and duct tape
Outdoor checkers on a stump w/ painted on board and painted rocks
Small outdoor tic tac toe on square rocks w/ painted little rocks as "x" and "o"s

Minute to win its:
Bean bag toss: Cut shapes in a tarp and wrap duct tape around the edges. different points for harder shapes
Keep 3 balloons off the floor for 1 minute
Shaving cream over a shower cap and then throw Cheetos on top--whoever catches the most wins!
Suck it Up - Player must use only a flexible straw in his or her mouth to suck up chocolate covered candies and transport them 1 at a time to 4 other flexible straws standing vertically. The player must then deposit and balance 1 candy on each of the 4 standing flexible straws.
Stick To It - Bounce ping-pong balls toward a teammate who must catch 3 of them on lint rollers held in either hand.
Spoon Tune - Arrange glasses of water within 60 seconds so that they play a preselected song when tapped with a spoon.
Spin Doctor - Player uses hands to spin coin on a table. Second player stops coin on its edge using 1 finger.
Shoe Fly Shoe- Toss shoe onto a table using only a foot.
Separation Anxiety - Player must separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order.
Ready Spaghetti - Using a shared pasta noodle, contestants must pick up soda cans and construct a 3-can pyramid.
Rapid Fire - Player must shoot rubber bands to knock a triangle stack of 6 cans completely off a platform.
Noodling Around - Pick up 6 penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only an uncooked spaghetti in your mouth.
Ker Plink! or Plunk! - Bounce 3 marbles into 3 small bowls, which are floating in a large bowl filled with water.
Keep It Up - Player must use only their breath to keep feathers in the air for 60 seconds.
Hoop De Loop - Using backspin, roll hula-hoops and attempt to land 3 around 7 full 2-liter soda bottles placed on the stage.
High as a Kite - With a kite attached to the back of a visor, run around the play area and keep the kite in flight for 60 seconds.
Face the Cookie - Using only the face, move cookies from the forehead to the mouth.
Drop, Sink & Clink - Drop 3 quarters into 3 shot glasses that are at the bottoms of 3 fishbowls filled with water.(make singular)
Don't Blow the Joker - Player must blow off 52 cards, leaving 1 on top of a glass bottle.
Defying Gravity - Tap 3 balloons to keep them off the ground for a minute.
Cantagious - Start with a stack of 3 empty cans in 1 hand, 3 full cans in the other. Without setting them down, transfer stacks into opposite hands.
Candelier - Stack 5 levels of cans, starting with 1 on the bottom and 5 on the top, inserting a paper plate in between each level.
Caddy Stack - Stack 3 golf balls 1 atop the other.
Bulb Balance - Use a packet of salt to balance 2 eggs vertically, each on its own light bulb.
Bucket Head - Catch 3 balls in a bucket on top of the head.
Bobble Head - With a pedometor attached to the forehead, move the head around to record 125 total "steps" in a minute.
Bite Me - Pick up paper bags of varying heights using only the mouth.


Blind Eagle is another nighttime game that requires the use of one flashlight. One person stands in the middle of a field and is the "eagle." An "assistant" stands beside the "eagle" and all other players form a circle around the perimeter of the field. The assistant gives the signal to begin. The participants around the perimeter move toward the "eagle," as quietly as possibly. If the eagle hears a sound, he switches on the flashlight and points it in the direction of the noise. The assistant determines if there is a player in the beam of the light. If so, the player standing in the beam of light is out of the game. The first player to tag the eagle wins.

Variations: Have the firefly alternate flashing the light with chirping. To find her, the other players will have to listen as well as watch.
How to play
1. Once it's dark, give a chosen player (the firefly) a flashlight and have her head away from the group with the light off, silently counting to 60 as she goes.
2. When the firefly reaches 60, she must flash the light once.
3. The rest of the players then count to 100 before setting out in pursuit of the firefly, who tries to avoid capture by hiding and changing directions.
4. But here's the catch: she must continuously count to 60, flashing the light each time she reaches the end of her count.
5. The first person to tag the firefly takes her place for the next round.

Pool Prize Search
On a hot summer day, the coolest party games involve water. This wet-and-wild game gives kids a great excuse to get soaked. Fill an inflatable pool with water. Hide a weighted ring or other treasures on the bottom of the pool. Fill the pool with inflatable balls and toys to make it difficult to see the bottom. Have a few kids at a time wade around the pool looking for the hidden treasure. Provide them with goggles, or make it more challenging by allowing them to only use their feet.
Editor's Birthday Tip: Add a twist by blindfolding the contestants. Have kids wade through the pool using only their feet to discover the underwater treasures. Encourage the onlookers to shout out advice. Make sure to supervise so everyone stays safe.

Newspaper Walk
Newspaper is something that is commonly available at home. Just get hold of as many newspapers as one can and set it aside for this fun activity. Provide the children with two sheets each and ask them to place one sheet before them and walk from one marked line to another. They need to place one sheet before them and step on it, then place the next sheet in front of them and step on it, and then turn around to lift the previous sheet for the next step.

Tire run - Old tires are common in obstacle courses because they are easy to find and inexpensive to buy. You need a minimum of eight to 10 tires. Decide on the location of the tire run and arrange the tires side by side. When runners reach the tires, they have to run across them, placing a foot in each of the tires. The longer you make the run, the harder it becomes

Sponge bucket relay - Break up into teams of three. Have as many teams as you want or need. You will need buckets, sponges and water for this activity. Take one bucket, fill it with water and place it at the front of the team. Behind the team, place another bucket with a line drawn on the middle of the bucket. The first person will take the sponge and dunk it in the water bucket. He will pass it over his head to the person behind him. In turn, that person will pass it to the last person who will squeeze the sponge behind his head and try to get it in the bucket. The first team to fill the bucket up to the line wins.

Barrel Run - Obstacle courses for animals typically use runs made from old barrels. If you can't find barrels, then use traffic cones, trash cans or just make X marks on the ground with duct tape. Place the objects at least one foot apart. When participants reach the obstacle course, they must weave in and out through the obstacles. The farther you place the obstacles away from each other, the easier it is to get through the station. Try using more space for younger kids and decreasing the space with older kids.

Nature Scavenger Hunt (If you've made it to reading this far, congratulations, I'm sending you five goodies. Also, ideas for this??? I still haven't REALLY planned this one out. What should people find or do?)

Any questions?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW...is an AWESOME itinerary!! The games you have are way too cool!!
    1801 days ago
    emoticon Wow! you must be exhausted just planning all this! Have a really good time in August, and try not to worry that you've forgotten something!
    1802 days ago
    You are amazing! This is totally awesome. How have you had time for anything else, like eating and sleeping? I hope your family appreciates all your efforts. Remember to have fun yourself!
    1802 days ago
    Okay...I'm your 10th cousin by your gramma's 7th cousin on her husbands first wife's second husband's third childs'...well, just invite me...I'll sort it out later!!!LOL
    1804 days ago
    I wanna come ! Enjoy. Your family is blessed to have you :)
    1804 days ago

    OMG!!! You have killed yourself planning all this and will kill yourself again making it all happen! I suggest that you get others at the reunion to help you with set up and clean up - you will need the help!

    Your activities sound like lots of fun! With our reunion, different families take different evenings to prepare dinner - I always go with a theme for my meal and add other evening activities. Other activities during the week include hanging out at the pool, doing karaoke, going canoeing or tubing, golfing, and shopping.

    Anyway, be sure that you have some fun too! You should schedule a massage for yourself after the week - maybe the family can tip you to support the cost of a massage for you!!!

    Good Luck!
    1804 days ago
    Sounds emoticon
    I'm sure that everything will go fine !
    Good for you !
    1805 days ago
    A-mazing !!!! wow I wish I knew about even three of these when my kids had parties!!!
    1805 days ago
    Holy moly! You have been very busy!! I'm impressed and I really hope your family is too. And grateful!
    1805 days ago
    Okay, I must admit I was most intrigued with "Bed - Mingle" Then I realized you people are all related! Yikes! What was I thinking?

    Honestly, this sounds AWESOME! Maybe too awesome, you're bound to get volenTOLD to do this again next time. I see you've included some of my suggestions, so I really feel I've had a part in all this awesomeness. Instead of a bell to alert people, you may need to bring out the big guns: compressed air horns (they're sold in the 99cent stores around here).

    I'm really excited for you! I wish I was a relative. Got any age-appropriate single guys handy?
    1805 days ago
    SUPER Agenda! This must be an awesome reunion tolast an entire week!

    Love soem of these games!!
    1805 days ago
    I am sure you will have a great time! Fantastic job with all the planning!
    Make sure you take some pics!
    1805 days ago
    Wow! You sure have been busy! Your family should have an awesome time. Here's a couple of lists for an outdoor scavenger hunt I found:
    and here's one for Camping Bingo that looked fun:

    Hope you can relax and enjoy your reunion
    1806 days ago
    Wow - amazing plans! Will make a wonderful reunion. I especially like the part about getting the oldsters on camera. That is one thing we wish we had done more of before we started losing all that history!!
    1806 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Emily, maybe you should be a professional party planner!! This is fantastic! The only problem it's so great you will be voluntold next year too! I love the mom is calling, that will be great, it will be fun to see which family , generation ect is the fastest!
    1806 days ago
    One question: Can I come!

    Seriously, this is an awesome plan...you are so talented and energetic! Personally, I'm not a game player, but I don't mind cheering from the sidelines.
    1806 days ago
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