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Sunday active recovery

Sunday, July 14, 2013

After yesterday's weight lifting, I had DOMS this morning. This is to be expected, with the first serious lifting session after taking a bunch of time off. It's the body's way of reminding me that today isn't a good time to lift heavy. Been there before; I'm not worried about this.

Besides being a non-lifting day, today is Sunday. That means church in the morning, and I need to do something active in the afternoon. Getting 10K steps in is more challenging on Sunday than any other day of the week. Without a firm plan in mind, I threw the gym bag in my trunk before going to church.

After church, I typically eat lunch at Taco Bell and then do whatever shopping I need to do. Today I had a few groceries I wanted to get from Wegman's, plus I wanted to look at Bosu balls at the local fitness store. An internet search last night left me confused about exactly what was being sold.

So, it's time to play games with myself. Groceries need to be the last stop before going home. So I want to look at Bosu balls first. But the gym is on the way to the fitness store; how about I stop there and look at the floor models? Of course, while I'm there with my gym bag, I might as well *do* something.

It was worth stopping. I looked at 3 Bosu balls on the gym floor. Noted where the valve is to inflate them. Saw that one was just a little firmer than the Bosu ball in the PT's office, and the other two were overinflated to the point where the flat side wasn't flat unless weight was put on the ball. Stepped on them and noticed that the exercise the PT had me doing on them Thursday is easier on a firmer ball. That's an argument for buying one for my home, where I can control how firmly it's inflated.

Window shopping done, I saw there was no one in the pool. I shouldn't lift weights, and cardio machines are boring. So it's a good day for a swim. This time, I was clever enough to take my watch to the pool and note the time before and after my swim. I did 1100 yards, or about a kilometer, in 34 or 35 minutes. Learning experience: Next time, I need to put my glasses on to read the watch.

I'm not a particularly fast swimmer, and this is not a personal record for swimming a kilometer, but it was a pleasant swim. I had forgotten how good a half hour swim feels the day after a heavy weight lifting session. I haven't done that in a long time. I don't know exactly how long, but I'm pretty sure the last time was before I joined SparkPeople.

The other thing I noticed was, I have better control of my breathing on crawl and breaststroke than I did the last time I had a long swim. Of course, I weigh 30 or 35 lbs. less than the last time I had a long swim; but I think the big impact is that my cardiovascular conditioning is much improved from becoming a runner. The legs are improved, too; it's easier to keep up the flutter kick for 100 yards than it used to be.

Left the gym, got my groceries, went home. Looked at the pedometer. I need a lot of steps. Maybe I can walk to the fitness store? If I were healthy, this would be a no-brainer. But it's two and a half miles away, and I'm not sure my foot will handle 5 miles of walking. So I bailed on that idea and took a walk around the neighborhood. The foot prompted me to keep that down around 2 miles. Then I drove to the fitness store, saw a floor model Bosu ball that was under-inflated and more challenging than the one in the PT's office, and learned that the fitness store only knows of one model to sell. That clarified my confusion about the online offerings; there's a baby model that looks different, and a labeling difference between "home" and "pro" that either pertains to accessories I don't care about or serves to get a higher price for the "pro" label.

Came home, iced my foot, took an amble around the block to fill out my 10K steps. Didn't count the amble as exercise, and didn't feel pressure to work at it after swimming. But I did get my 10K steps in, as well as getting some value out of the gym membership. I wondered if I was pushing too hard, but at this writing the foot seems to have forgiven me for the 2 mile walk at 91° F earlier today.

Lesson learned: Gym after church is feasible in the summer, when I dress casually for church. It would be more problematic in the fall, winter, and spring when I'm wearing a suit or at least a sport coat; but I'll worry about that in September. For the summer, or at least until the foot gets better than it is now, it might make more sense to have a workout like yesterday's on Sunday rather than Saturday; the step count from the elliptical doesn't bother the foot at all.

The gym bag is packed, ready to go in the trunk except for the swimsuit that is still drying out. Tomorrow I probably won't swim even if I do get to the gym; as my younger sister suggests, a weight lifting session after work might fit the time better.

Tomorrow I'll see whether I manage to follow through on today's good intentions.

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    Sounds like a really productive Sunday.
    1801 days ago
    Ideas for hitting the gym after church when you are wearing a suit coat or sports jacket. Put a hanger in your car. Hang it up after church in your car, do your workout and carry it into the house when you get home. You may need to pack a jacket or sweatshirt in your gym bag.
    1804 days ago
  • NWFL59
    1806 days ago
    1806 days ago
    It's hard to nurse an injury back to normal---nice yo emoticon u are in the pool-Lynda
    1806 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/15/2013 7:12:12 AM
    I see your brain still doesn't sit on the sidelines when organizing personal life. LOL... well thought out and adjusted!

    Interestingly enough, I have found myself less and less worrying about measurements of time in the pool, but it is good to have a baseline, so that in a couple of months, you can see progress. Nowadays, with the OT and all that, the focus in my own mind more on just getting the movement in than trying to strive for performance. It's kind of similar to the difference between "weight loss" and "maintenance"... only in this case "training", and "maintaining fitness".

    To your recovery and eventual return to the running world, bro! emoticon
    1806 days ago
    After some research and serious thinking, you came up with the perfect workout. It fits your needs and you learned a few things. I think this day was meant to be.
    1806 days ago
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