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Sunday, July 14, 2013

In my eyes I have always been the "fat girl". Never skinny enough, never pretty enough, never good enough, and it affected me as a person throughout my entire life. As a child and teenager I was extremely shy, awkward, and very aware of my extra weight. As a young adult I became aware that of the special attention I got with all the extra curves from the opposite sex, but I was still extremely self conscious of my body and didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. Then I had my son and my body went downhill. I had just spent the past 16+ years thinking I was disgustingly fat, ugly, and worthless and now my body was really changing. I went from 160 (still overweight but by no means fat) to 220 during my pregnancy and was never able to lose any of that weight after having my son, regardless of how much exercise I did. Then I moved to Kansas and the weight poured on. Four years later I am a robust 324 pounds, can't breath, on 13 different medications to control my body, and so miserable I can't stand walking out my door. So I decided that I should check into gastric bypass surgery because I was currently failing at every other diet/exercise program I had tried over the years. So in my process of getting approved I had to have lab work done to be tested for H. pylori and it came back positive. So I began the treatment with antibiotics. The doctor told me that H. pylori tends to make people constantly eat because their stomach feels upset and eating helps.....This was a huge eye opener for me because it was explaining exactly what I had been going through for some time. Now that I had finished my treatment, I was feeling great and finding that I have very little of an appetite and have to remind myself to eat at times.
It is now July 14th and in the past few months, I have lost a total of 36 pounds which is amazing for me because I have never been able to lose more than 15 and keeep it off. And to top it all off I am having my gastric bypass surger in just 5 more days!!!! I will have my bypass and then in just a short month away I start the nursing program at WSU. I am so thankful that a new opportunity has been opened for me and that I may finally get healthy!!
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