Coping with Sabotage!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We probably all have people in our lives who either intentionally or unintentionally, sabotage our efforts to make good food choices and lose weight. "Come on Sue, you can't be the only one not to have a glass of wine!" or "Three French fries aren't going to impact your weight loss that much!" Really? I know that it is not the one glass of wine or the three French fries that sabotages my efforts, it is what follows that choice. I will say to myself, "I already had a glass of wine on Friday or I had those few fries and I am doing o.k. Well. the next thing I know I am having a glass of wine more often or choosing carbs more frequently and even sharing onion rings that a friend ordered! I have learned that for me personally, I am better off being honest with friends and stating upfront that I AM changing my eating and exercise habits as part of pursuing a healthy life style. Obviously part of that change is to make good choices when I am out dining with friends. I also make comments about how I am here to spend time with you not focus on the food. True friends will be happy for you and support your efforts. The only person that sabotages your weight loss efforts is YOURSELF!!! It's how I react to others when temptations are offered, that will lead me to success in my weight loss journey! I am going to lunch today with friends and I have already looked up the menu at the restaurant and know before I arrive, that I am ordering a grilled fish sandwich with lettuce and tomato and no bun. I will ask for steamed veggies instead of the fries. Most restaurants these days are anxious to accommodate their patrons. All you have to do is make the right choice and ask!
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